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I love Rock 'N Learn!!! My 7 year old loves watching the DVD's and hardly realizes he's learning at the same time. With the videos meant for his age group he is getting a firmer foundation of knowledge and reinforcement from exciting characters. With other DVD's meant for older children, he is being exposed to material that won't be covered in school for another two or three years! I highly recommend these products~ I wish I had the whole set!! - Jasmine Kehoe


"We have been enjoying the Phonics videos, and Addition and Subtraction videos of your educational line from our local library. My 4-year old son is constantly singing one of the songs! I also wanted to tell you that my son is reading at a second grade level. Thank you for helping him succeed!" -Kristen Murphy

"I ordered your letter sounds video. I bought it for my children and for the Child Day Care that I have. I've been using it for the past month just for the older kids, who are 4 right now. My 2 year old surprised me today by reading a word. It amazed me. I know that he'll watch the video for a while then start playing, but I really didn't think that he was paying to much attention to it. I was so happy I bought your programs. I'm now letting the younger children join us while we are watching the videos, and they listen and try to copy what the videos are showing. Thanks for making a phonics video to help children with sounding out the letters." - April F.


"Our customers LOVE the videos! Three parents said Letter Sounds helped immensely! Teachers were amazed at the progress!" - Beth, manager of educational specialty store


"I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much my kids enjoy your learning videos. They watch them over and over. Keep up the good work." - parent


"I am so impressed with Rock 'N Learn's videos. My son loves watching the videos over and over again. I am amazed at how much he has learned in such a short time. The video is so innovative, using bright colors and things my son recognizes." - Karla Stephens


"Pick your musical genre - rap, country, rock 'n roll - and your kids can sing their way to the facts. Rock 'N Learn CDs are fun and easy to listen to. Pop them in and let the kids absorb math while they enjoy the music. 'These reach children in today's musical world. It makes them learn the way they learn songs,' said Patricia Jones, who teaches at Detroit's Wilkins Elementary School." - Detroit Free Press


"I teach about 25 fifth graders. Every year we learn our multiplication facts and states and capitals using Rock 'N Learn. We put it on when we need a quick review or we play it as we clean our desks. The students enjoy the fun that comes with learning through song. Keep making learning fun!" - Brianna Deering


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"A friend sent our kids a Rock 'N Learn set a few months ago. I cannot begin to tell you how much it has helped my kids, especially my son, who is 2 years old. He can sing as well as identify all 26 letters. It is pretty amazing. My son keeps watching this video over and over and over and over…. I just wanted you to know that this is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone with small kids." - Melody Thomas


"My 20 month old son really enjoys your counting & colors video. He has watched it everyday for the last two weeks and has already learned to count to 10. He loves singing along with the DVD. We are so pleased with your product. He will be well prepared when he attends school at age 2." - Michelle & Alonzo Farley


"I am a school psychologist and have appreciated your products for use with my son. He is musically inclined and really does respond well to the multi-sensorial approach to learning. Thank you." - Kalpana Sarathy


"I just wanted to compliment you on your excellent videos. They are well designed and thoroughly put together and so educational." - Leslie James


"We have the Colors, Shapes and Counting video and my two year old now knows the shapes, colors, and can count to twenty! I must buy more of your products." - Veronica Mowery


"I saw two of your videos, Letter Sounds and Colors, Shapes and Counting. These are very excellent videos for my kindergarten aged children. My son brought it to school and the teacher shared it with students up to 4th grade. More videos like these should be in the store. I am so glad that there are companies like you who are very helpful to kids and parents like me." - Mrs. Baradas


"Thanks for the great Rock 'N Learn products! The music is wonderful and the singers are superb. I really like the care and consideration that went into creating this series." - Maribeth


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"My son is almost two and is literally addicted to Rock 'N Learn. I am amazed that he knows all of his alphabet by sight and can tell me what a trapezoid is. I think your products are great…" - Melissa Distasio


"Your videos are very educational and keep my child's interest. Thank you." - Milano Cook


"My 16 month old son loves the Alphabet and Colors, Shapes, and Counting CD's. He likes them so much that he dances with the books. Thank you for making learning so fun." - Donna Linn


"I just wanted you to know how much my children love your audio programs. We keep it in the car and pop it in when we are running errands or on the way to school. Thanks for helping my kids have fun learning." - Jolene Schack


"Your videos are the best; we have over 150 different educational videos. The beat, the graphics, and the progressive curriculum cannot be matched by any other production." - Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Ph.D.


"The Rock 'N Learn products are very popular with the parent market because children can learn while listening to their favorite music. Karole Adams recommends Rock 'N Learn tapes and CD's for learning basic math facts. She says, 'other companies sell this product, but Rock 'N Learn is the best'!" Educational Dealer 3-2001 from Karole Adams -The Gingham Goose


"I would just like to take a few minutes to tell you how great your videos are. I have a 2 year old son, who has learned his alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. He has amazed us with his recognition of all the letters in the alphabet, counting up to 20, and recognizing colors and shapes. Not only has he learned the basic colors and shapes by watching the videos, he has learned colors like gray, pink, and silver. He also knows the shapes cone, cube, and octagon. Lastly, he can read simple words like red, blue, hat, cat, etc. I would like to thank you again for preparing my child for academic success." - Ray Stephens


"I just wanted to say thanks for making such great CD's to help kids learn. We used the presidents CD in a play at school, and not only did they have a great time performing some of the raps, but they learned so much while they practiced!" - Barbara T.


"Rock 'N Learn material is excellent! PLEASE keep producing videos. Children learn quickly with the videos." - Launa Wolch


"My son absolutely loves your DVDs! He is in preschool and we both sing along to the alphabet song! Thanks for these educational products. We love them!" - Sonya G.


"My 3 year old son LOVES your videos!" - Irina in Canada


"I went to a local teacher supply store and asked for a recommendation for teaching early phonics. They told me Rock 'N Learn was the best out there. I agree. Furthermore, the music is actually pretty good so it doesn't drive parents crazy." - parent


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"I don't think there are too many ways to learn States and Capitals that can be sung. It does the job, which is really what matters. All I can tell you is that both my kids now teenagers learned their states and capitals this way and they still remember them" - parent


"I am a fifth grade teacher from Warrensburg, MO (east of KC) and wanted to say THANK YOU for making your multiplication and division series. My kids love the catchy tunes and lyrics. It is real music that they can really rock to while they learn. I know it has helped my students tremendously! Keep up the good work." - Terri Smith, Sterling Elementary


"Having been an educator for over 10 years, with students from ages 2 to 70, I can recognize quality products that reach the students in a way that is fun and exciting in spite of all the variety of uses. I have used the Spanish and French Rock N Learn products over the last few years with a program that my company contracts out to different schools. Without fail, all of the students are responsive and open to the material because of the presentation and overall simplicity of these learning tools. Whether I am using them for family members or colleagues as demonstrators, Rock N Learn's wide variety of products offers an effective and enthusiastic way of learning." - Tasha Lewis, International Connections Consulting


"I just wanted to express my appreciation to Rock 'N Learn for the excellent educational products that you have created. I have purchased many copies for myself and for others, and have found them to be simply miraculous! I have not seen any other products that have put these concepts together so brilliantly, and my son is an incredible example of the effectiveness of your videos, books and tapes. My daughter is far ahead of children her age when it comes to letter recognition and letter sounds. The most important thing is how much they enjoy the products. They beg to watch these videos rather than Barney or Disney movies. I could go on and on about how much they have learned. I am so appreciative of the many interesting and stimulating hours we have spent together learning and playing. These products give back the ultimate in rewards - the pride I feel when I see the daily progress, and the potential being nurtured and created in these children." - Claire Dwoskin


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"I have been a kindergarten teacher since 1971 and I have never seen a more comprehensive set of videos. Your videos not only capture the children's imaginations, but they also truly teach. From color words, to the alphabet to sounds and blends. As a teacher I find these videos to be invaluable in the learning process. I purchased several with grant money, and during my rest time I show the tapes. The children not only settle down, but they actually learn while at rest. Thank you for the wonderful work. I can easily assure you that at least in my little corner of the world your work has done wonders." - Pamela D.


"I want to let you know how happy I am with your service. It is refreshing to do business with responsive companies such as Rock 'N Learn!" - Christina Miani


"Thank you! For being so kind and pleasant with me on the phone. If only more people had your public relations skills!" - Katherine Wilse


"I wanted to contact you to let you know that my 2 -year old son can recognize all of his capital and lower case alphabet thanks to the Alphabet video. He can also write a large majority of his letters too. All of this interest was spurred by your wonderfully fun Alphabet video. By the way, he knew all of his shapes and colors by two thanks to your other videos. He can recognize trapezoids anywhere we go! Please do more." - parent


"My kids watch your Letters Sounds DVD and Phonics DVD in the car on the way to school. We love your outstanding products." - Alyssa S.

Special Needs

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"Hello, My name is Anita. I started using Rock 'N Learn videos with my oldest daughter who happens to be 15. Anyway, I have an autistic son. Because of your videos, he broke out of Autism. He would hear the videos and either answer before the person on the video or sing along... that is how I realized that he could learn, and guess what? I ordered almost all of your videos, and because of the videos, he is now classified as "normal," and no one would know that he was once classified as autistic. Oh, and he is in regular class!!" - Anita, parent


"Thank you! My autistic son loves Rock 'N Learn videos. He memorizes the information easily and is able to recall it when needed. It is a great supplement to his curriculum." - Sondra F.


"Your videos are GREAT! They have taught my autistic son nursery rhymes, kindergarten skills, math and how to read! I recommend promoting them to the autism community." - Susan, parent in Leander, TX


"I would just like to thank Rock-N-Learn for helping our twin boys who have been diagnosis with Autism learn their ABC's, Numbers and Colors! I think your videos are amazing and even more amazed how my Autism boys memorized the words that you put on the screen to get them to learn their sounds and colors! By showing the words on the screen both boys learned how to spell almost ALL of the words! The biggest example I can give you is "x makes zz sounds as in xylophone"!!! Hearing my 6 year old twins who speak only single words spell the word "xylophone" brought my husband and I to tears!!!" - Katina Towne


"I just wanted to thank you for putting out such wonderful videos. We purchased your phonics video for our 3 year old daughter (who is autistic) and she was reading by the time she was 4 years old. She can even read street signs when we are stopped at stop lights." - Kimberly H.


"Hi! I am one of your heartiest adult fans who tells everyone she knows about your fabulous videos. I'm also the mother of a highly intelligent but severely language delayed son (3 years old; mild autism) who adores your Letter Sounds and Colors, Shapes, and Counting videos. Indeed, he learned to produce several sounds from watching the mouths on Letter Sounds, and can distinguish hexagons from octagons from watching the Colors & Shapes video. The pace, the fabulous graphics, the very intriguing visual effects (the screen is in constant motion; he LOVES that) are all a big hit for him!" - parent


"Hi, I have recently purchased and LOVE the Letter Sounds video. I have a 4 year old son who is speech delayed. This video, with the upper right screen showing the mouth and lips moving to form the sounds, is exactly what my son needs. Thanks for such a great educational video." - Dona A.


I just want to share with you how much my son has learned and enjoys your video programs. He is autistic with a special interest for reading and numbers, so your DVDs have been invaluable to us. Autistic children learn language from videos because the information can be repeated over & over and it will always be the same. I think the way you present your material and the way it captures the viewer is what makes them so successful with autistic children. Thanks again. - Wendy H.


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"My son has a condition called hyperlexia and I cannot tell you how much he loves these videos. They are his favorites. Thank you so much for the educational entertainment." - Tonia L.


"My son Michael has many things wrong with him, including some amount of brain and vision damage and as a result has little to entertain him. When he was small he cried most of the time until we discovered how much he liked music. But not just any music would do! It has to have a strong clear beat and simple words he can repeat in order to hold his interest. When Mike was 2 I discovered our first Rock 'N Learn tape at a local bookstore and it turned out to be a Godsend. We've played your tapes morning, noon and night with Mike happily singing along. Mike sometimes has seizures which leave him very upset, but if we pop in a Rock 'N Learn tape he calms right down. Thank you for many, many years of happiness for Michael and his family. You are not allowed to ever stop making these!" - Eileen W.


"I am an educational assistant in a public school in Ontario, Canada. I work with children in special education. One student I was working with on his multiplication was getting nowhere. I was told about your program and thought I would try it. WOW! After two days he was able to tell me the 2 times table. He loves your RAP version and wants one to do at home. Your CDs are wonderful. Thank you." - Dianne Hotchkin


"I work with an autistic student who is in the sixth grade. Last year she learned her multiplication tables using Multiplication Rock and she knows them better than most normal kids. I LOVE that program! Now we are looking for something to help her English skills. I'm very excited about the possibilities your programs could open up for us!" - Tammy


"I want to thank you very much for making such wonderful, educational videos! I have a son who has a learning disability and he does very well with visual aides such as your video. Thanks to you he is beginning to master early reading skills. He LOVES to watch and listen to your Letter Sounds Video. He is beginning to apply the phonics sounds that he hears on the video when he is reading. Again, thanks very much and PLEASE keep up the GREAT work!!!" - parent


"I am delighted with your Alphabet Video. My son, 5 years old has been diagnosed with autism, and he is now making phonic sounds plus loves the alphabet because the video was so animated and lively." - Leah, Canada


"I went to my physician for an exam, and during my appointment we discussed teaching children how to read and write - unbelievable but true. He began to express his appreciation for your program. His grandson has ADD and the program worked so well that he urged me to get in touch with you. In fact his urgency was so serious, he wrote your website down as one would write down a prescription." - Debbie


"I want you to know how great your videos are, I am the mother of three children. Two of them are autistic. They all love your phonics videos. My son, considered moderate to severely autistic, has worried us because he hardly ever said anything other than 'eeeeee' until now. Since I started playing the Letter Sounds video he has begun to amaze us. He now goes around the house and every time he sees a letter he starts making the sounds of that letter. It is the best teaching tool I have found. Thank you. It has helped my son more than you can imagine." - Angie M.


"I have two autistic children. I learned that these two kids can learn anything if it is set to music or said rhythmically. My mom got your Letter Sounds video a few years ago for them. They were enraptured; they played the tape incessantly, replaying parts of it over and over again. Soon they were both able to demonstrate a real understanding of phonics. I took a copy of Letter Sounds to school, and the teacher raved about how her whole class of special needs kids finally understood what she meant when she said, "Watch my mouth!" I witnessed her class engaged and participating in the Name That Letter game! It was really a sight! Years later when my autistic daughter got it in her head that she wanted to learn Spanish, I started looking around for Spanish tapes for her and thought of Rock 'N Learn. We got the video and the CD's, and we are all really enjoying them. I have learned some Spanish myself and am very happy about that! I really wanted to say; Thanks so much! Your unique approach to teaching has really been helping my kids." - Veronica T.


"I want to thank you for coming up with such a fantastic product of videos to learn with. My daughter is a special needs child. I special ordered your Rock N Learn addition tape last year as she was failing in math. Within a week she was making A's. I am so grateful for your products." - Annette M.


"I am writing to thank you for the excellent educational videos you provide. My younger son has autism and we use them heavily in his home therapy program. We have a number of the Rock 'N Learn videos, but his absolute favorite is the Colors, Shapes and Counting video. It is so well designed to teach a child such as my son. To name just a few of its excellent features: when the video talks about red apple, the word 'red' or 'apple' is enlarged and flashes; this really helps my son associate the sound of the word with the written word. The counting section is also excellent, especially starting off by counting to five on the fingers of one hand; this is something very concrete that he really enjoys. Thank you thank you for counting to twenty! So many videos only go to ten, and it is so helpful to go beyond that. Rock 'N Learn videos are helping my son very much." - Martha G.


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"We bought the Letter Sounds DVD for our son who is Autistic and he just loves it. He suffers from a severe speech impairment and this DVD has really helped him. He continues to ask to see it. Thank you." - Amy M.


"I just wanted to thank you for your videos. My son has autism. I have tried for months to help him communicate with me and the family with no avail. However, when I purchased a few of your videos and read alongs as a last attempt, the reward was more than I could have ever imagined. My little three year old autistic son is a chatter box. He loves his videos and read-a-longs. Your products broke through my son's shell. I cannot thank you enough for this." - Vikki A.


"My daughter Rachel is autistic and very visually oriented. She learned a great deal from your Colors, Shapes and Counting Video." - Dave K.


"I teach English as a second language (ESL) to foreign-born adults; and we LOVE your products! My students range in ages from 16 to 70 years plus. They are from China, Central and South America, the former Soviet Union, Korea, and elsewhere. The content on the CDs and the way your singers and narrators teach and colorfully illustrate a difficult language, English, is NOT corny - purely fun and direct. And the songs are easy to learn and memorable. I have several products, such as phonics, grammar, and letter sounds. I recently bought your colorful videos… a DVD on phonics. I knew the CDs were great - so I figured your video must be good too - and I was right (having started watching it tonight)! Of course, I teach board lessons on phonics - but having your products to show my students is such a wonderful, educational, aid to us all!" - Mrs. Linda B.

Home Schooling

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"I checked out your videos at the library and I think they are Great!!! I'm home schooling and my daughter loves them! Thank you!!!" - Paula N.


"Your products have made home schooling fun and danceable in our house. Thank You!" - Shelby H.


"I wanted to thank you all a thousand times over. I am a home educator and have used your products before my son began kindergarten. I anticipate your future products." - Lydia L.


"As a parent who homeschools, I want you to know that your programs are amazing. Especially the Letter Sounds and Phonics DVDs have been more helpful than any other reading programs we have used." - Ywaine S.


"I was looking for homeschooling materials and the Rock 'N Learn product line was recommended to me by a friend. Your videos for phonics and math have been terrific. I'm placing an order for some more." -parent


"This is exactly what my 4th and 5th grade homeschoolers need. You are an answer to prayers!" - Anne W.


"My children have enjoyed your Phonics DVD and Multiplication Rock a lot. Homeschooling has been easier since we started your program." - parent