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Kids love Rock ‘N Learn, you’ll love the results.

What makes Rock ‘N Learn educational DVDs, downloadable videos, and board books so effective?

Humorous, lovable characters and catchy songs help knowledge stick in the minds of young learners. No wonder Rock ‘N Learn has been in business 33 years and has won over 200 awards. Some of our top sellers include Letter Sounds, PhonicsSight WordsMultiplication Rap, Learn a Language, and our new preschool board books. Rock ‘N Learn mathreadingsciencewriting, and language videos work with any curriculum to boost learning and test scores. 

Rock ‘N Learn is used in schools nationwide and throughout the world. We get rave reviews from teachers, parents who homeschool, and conscientious parents wanting to give their kids an extra boost.

We’re proud of our team of educators and entertainers who share a passion for making a difference in the lives of kids. We treasure the emotional success stories from parents with kids of all ability levels and particularly those with special needs: gifted, speech delayed, learning disabled, and autism spectrum disorders. Whatever the age or challenges, let us help your child learn!


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