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Here's an exciting way to learn important facts and get ready for a life science test! Marko the Pencil and his friend Bailey take learners on a fascinating journey to Marko's Super Science Station where it's easy and fun to grasp science concepts and boost test scores. This science DVD covers photosynthesis, plant parts, butterfly lifecycle, plant and animal cells, food chains, food webs, and more! 


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Grades 3 - 8. Approx. 59 minutes




  • iParenting Media Award, Outstanding Product

    The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval

    Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, Kids First! Endorsement

    Creative Child Magazine, Preferred Choice Award

  • "A wonderful educational DVD that is perfect for homeschoolers or as an additional support tool for students who are learning Life Science in school. The range of lessons from photosynthesis to the life cycle of a butterfly, food chains and genetic traits really impressed our testers. If you think this is in any way a staid lecture video, you could not be more off base. Rock 'N Learn teaches lessons like this by utilizing songs, comedy and trivia games which all really helped the ideas take hold. We should only have been so lucky to have DVD's like this when we were in school. The fact that there is a web site for free study materials that complement the DVD is great." – review, National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval Report


    "First of all, I have to confess that this DVD is not only my kids' current favorite, it's mine too! I was confident that my 9-year old son would enjoy it as he loves science. Not only was I right, even my 5 year old daughter was fascinated by the DVD. My kids constantly are telling me what they have, learned from Marko the Pencil and his friend Bailey. One day I am hearing what photosynthesis (big word for a 5 year old!) is all about and the next thing they are explaining plant cells. As a parent, what's really amazing is the DVD is meant for "Grades 5 and Up" but my younger kids are able to enjoy it and best of all, able to absorb the topics that are being taught. As a parent, I find this DVD visually pleasing in terms of color and animation, which is very important to retain the attention of younger kids. The characters in the DVDs are fun and entertaining, while the music makes the content easier for the kids to remember. The practice tests are definitely a bonus as they reinforce the topics taught on the DVD. As for the opinions of my kids, they're watching Life Science over and over and over again. Need I say more?" – Elina,


    "I laughed and laughed at the Rubbert Plant parody. I can promise that I will never forget the terms xylem and phloem and neither will my children. All my kids including my 3-year old loved watching this program. This entire DVD is such a fun way to present science facts to kids. I can't wait for Rock 'N Learn's next science DVD. There are no other DVDs like these! Now my kids go around showing off how smart they are. Keep up the great work!" – Megan O., parent


    "This DVD held all three of my children's attention. What I found interesting is that my 16 year old is in a science academy honors class and a lot of this DVD covered details of what he was reviewing last year, and it definitely would have been very helpful. The younger ones were also captivated and enjoyed the content. I also love the fact that it taught test taking strategies." – Reviewer, iParenting Media Awards


    "This is one of my favorite DVDs that I have been sent by iParenting Awards. This is a lesson the kids have learned each year in school and I know it can be presented in many ways but this DVD is fantastic. The illustrations are fun, bright and easy to understand. The kids love the fact that they knew most of what was being taught and would say, "I know that." I love hearing that. We are building a butterfly garden and it was neat to hear the kids talk about the "life cycle" as we were planting the other day. We do not watch a lot of TV but when we do, I prefer things like this knowing that the kids like to watch it. It was very entertaining for them." – Reviewer, iParenting Media Awards


    "The information on this DVD covers all of the important topics for a life science test in a captivating way. Although it is intended for fifth grade level science, the material is still relevant in later grades. And the program is so much fun to watch, even my middle school students like it." – Chad D., teacher

  • Kevin is a student who knows the perfect way to become well prepared for a life science test. Even difficult science concepts can be easy with clear explanations and exciting animations. Marko the Pencil has useful tips to help Kevin understand science, have fun, and get ready for a test.

    Marko introduces Kevin to Bailey, a butterfly who is an expert in life science. Once they arrive at Marko's Super Science Station, the fun begins. Kevin learns about photosynthesis and plant reproduction. There's even a surprise visit by legendary rocker "Rubbert Plant," who performs a medley of his hit songs about xylem and phloem cells.

    Bailey teaches Kevin about her favorite topic: the life cycle of a butterfly. Just as she is finishing the lesson, Bailey challenges Kevin to be a contestant on a game show about animal groups and characteristics.

    In the Cellular Learning Center, Kevin gets the inside scoop on plant and animal cells and learns how they are similar and different. Marko shares his "Edible Cell Model" recipes on his special website.

    At the Ecosystem Learning Center, Kevin learns how organisms depend on each other to keep ecosystems in balance through food chains and food webs. Marko and Bailey also talk about genetic traits and adaptations.

    The DVD menu makes it easy to review any section. When ready, students can practice taking a life science test (bonus chapter on DVD). Marko and Bailey coach Kevin on how to remember what he has learned and apply his knowledge. Marko even shares his website where students can download free study materials to complement this DVD.


    Life Science includes:

    • Plants and Photosynthesis
    • Parts of a Plant
    • Life Cycle of a Butterfly
    • Groups of Animals and Animal Characteristics
    • Plant and Animal Cells
    • Food Chains & Food Webs
    • Ecosystems
    • Genetic Traits and Adaptations


    Special Bonus Section: Practice scoring high on a multiple-choice life science test:

    • Photosynthesis
    • Parts of a Plant
    • Butterfly Life Cycle
    • Mammal Characteristics
    • Plant and Animal Cells
    • Decomposers
    • Producers
    • Omnivores
    • Food Webs
    • Food Chain
    • Habitats
    • Inherited Traits
    • Ecosystems and Behavior

    Plus an Introduction to Human Body Systems