Sight Words Level 2 DVD & Video Download
Sight Words Level 2 DVD & Video Download Sight Words Level 2 DVD & Video Download Sight Words Level 2 DVD & Video Download

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Sight Words Level 2 Video 7 Awards Winning

Help your child become a better reader! Kids read or sing along with engaging characters to learn sight words quickly and automatically. Sight words are the most common words in children's literature, and Level 2 covers all of the primer Dolch words and many words from Fry's list. Although this video picks up where Level 1 leaves off, you don't have to begin with Level 1 if your child is starting to read at an approximate kindergarten to first grade level. In fact, this program reviews many of the words found on Level 1, along with 68 new words.


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Grades K & up. Approx. 61 minutes.



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  • The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval

    Mom’s Choice Awards, Gold Recognition

    Parents’ Choice Recommended

    Learning® Magazine Teachers’ ChoiceSM for the Family Award

    National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Silver Winner

    Creative Child Magazine, Preferred Choice Award

    Family Choice Award – Family Magazine Group

  • “Sight Words Level 2 builds upon an earlier product, Sight Words, from Parents' Choice Award winners Rock ‘N Learn. Experts in phonics-based educational methods want young readers to automatically recognize some words on sight, and Sight Words Level 2 teaches sixty-eight of the most frequently used words in the English language. A collection of human, animal, and robot characters use mid-tempo rock and rap music, skits, games, and graphics to achieve that goal.

    “The sight words are cleverly grouped according to simple themes. For instance, one segment builds a skit around the words what, bear, black, brown, and white. One of the characters returns from the zoo and brings stuffed bears to her friends, then she sings about the bears she saw, accompanied by video of brown bears, black bears, and polar bears, with graphics highlighting the sight words in the song lyrics. It's a fun and comfortably-paced way to reinforce reading strategies that still provides age-appropriate entertainment.

    “In addition to the main 60-minute program, this DVD's Bonus Section includes a feature that focuses on the shape of sight words, tracing and pronouncing the words in 12 different sentences. The DVD menu also allows viewers to watch the entire program, or select individual scenes, useful for teachers and homeschoolers who want to use this Sight Words Level 2 as part of their reading curriculum. Jacket copy also directs viewers to a website offering free printable resources.

    “Thanks to its lively musical format and clear instructional methods, Sight Words Level 2 is a fun and tuneful tool for children in kindergarten and first grade as they take on more challenging reading material.” – Parents’ Choice Award


    “Using the magic of the TV screen to teach kids phonics, spelling, comprehension and loads of sight words is what the people at Rock 'N Learn do best. For years they have been engaging children and teaching them fundamental educational concepts in unique and fun ways. Utilizing superbly produced music with enthusiastic animation kids are up and dancing, singing along and learning in ways they never have. The structure of the DVD is such that you can break the learning up into sections much like what is done in school. On this DVD there are lessons on speech, spelling, letter recognition, phonics and vocabulary. Parents felt that the one-hour running time was just right. Rock 'N Learn really has perfected the art of capturing the minds and imaginations of viewers and really getting the message to stick, not for a fleeting moment but for a long time.” – Review from National Parenting Center

  • Rock ‘N Learn Sight Words Level 2 introduces sight words and then also presents them within a natural context and in complete sentences rather than isolated from their meanings. This helps students understand what they are reading and become more fluent readers. The Rock 'N Learn Sight Words series offers a distinct advantage over DVDs that only present words in isolation. Plus, a bonus section reviews each word in isolation for developing automatic recall. Learners focus on the shapes of words and practice their spelling skills.

    As with our Sight Words 1 video, we teamed with specialized reading teachers known to get strong results with their students. When you pair that kind of expertise with fun animation, humorous dialogue, loveable characters, and pop-style music—the combination is magical. Kids stay focused and learn. Research shows that music, humor, and visual action are excellent for engaging students, especially young children. Repetition is the key to learning sight words, and kids love watching again and again.

    We have discovered that as kids who are learning to read use our sight words programs, younger siblings (even toddlers) become interested. They too enjoy the songs and characters. Our method of presenting sight words in a meaningful context helps young children develop their vocabulary. Preschoolers get their own benefits from these videos, including a boost to their language development.

    Teachers use our sight words videos as a supplemental classroom activity. It's great for differentiated instruction where you target the individual needs and diverse learning styles of students. Teachers can quickly go to a chapter for the grouping of words pertinent to a particular lesson. Bonus chapters (accessible from the main menu) focus on the shapes of words and can be used to practice spelling skills. These chapters have submenus to quickly go to a grouping of words.

    English language learners gain skills from having a sight words program that helps them learn the meanings of words and practice reading words and sentences in context. The Rock 'N Learn Sight Words series is appropriate for those who are learning English, regardless of age or ability.


    Sight Words Covered:

    • use • your • words
    • like • this • new • but • old • too
    • what • bear • black • brown • white
    • do • did • eat • ate • ran • say
    • four • dog • they • are • all • under • trees
    • who • will • be • good • at • am
    • he • came • by • get • her • went • ride • boat
    • yes • or • no • please • thank
    • that • pretty • was • on • she • saw • with
    • our • must • have • had • now
    • want • into • room • out
    • when • were • there • so • soon • well

    Bonus Sections:

    • Word Shapes