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Money & Making Change Video 7 Awards Winner

Penny and Bill know how to shake things up when it comes to counting money and making change. Engaging songs and video activities provide plenty of practice with real-world skills. Learn about coins and how they relate to one another, strategies for counting cash, "skip counting," expressing money in written terms, how to make change, and more. Kids have lots of fun as they gain valuable, real-world skills.


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Grades 1 & up. Approx. 58 minutes.




  • Creative Child Magazine, Preferred Choice Award

    National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors

    Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, Kids First! All Star

    iParenting Media Award

    Learning® Magazine Teachers’ ChoiceSM for the Family Award

    Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Audio/Video Products

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  • "Viewers learn about money and making change in this educational and entertaining program hosted by two animated characters. Penny is a singing and dancing coin, while Bill, a paper dollar, plays the guitar. Together they perform songs that introduce coin values from pennies to silver dollars. They show how to count coins and different combinations that add up to one dollar. The duo then moves on to teach youngsters about paper money and discuss the different values of dollar bills from one to one hundred. Throughout the video, interesting facts are introduced and the disco lights and psychedelic video backgrounds will entice elementary students." – School Library Journal from Cynthia Grabke, Halifax Elementary School, MA


    "This video is a great introduction for your child in learning how to count money and make change. It includes games and songs that young learners will enjoy. Join animated characters Penny and Bill as they teach about denominations of coins, strategies for counting coins and cash, skip counting, expressing money in written terms and more. The songs are catchy and make learning fun. This product is great for use both at home and in the classroom." – Dr. Toy, 10 Best Video Products


    "My girls and I LOVED the telling time and counting money DVDs. I would never have imagined them to be so comprehensive. You really teach a lot that sticks in a short time. REALLY!!!" – J. Welton, parent


    "With such a wealth of concepts taught, Money & Making Change is a comprehensive teaching tool for dealing with currency. An easy to use navigational menu makes it easy to focus in on specific lessons and practice sessions. Even though we're Canadians, we love this DVD! The fun, light-hearted theme and examples have made the disc my six-year-old's favorite, so how can I not love it? So much educational value is packed into the DVD that I'm sure it's a resource our family will be using for years to come." – Jennifer, mother and author of


    "Learning about money and making change just got really fun! This is a great tool for building the skills that third graders must know." – Diane M., teacher


    "This might sound a little odd to you, but my son really likes to learn. He is really into money right now, but can't quite grasp the concept of what is worth what. The Money & Making Change DVD does a really good job of explaining the concept. The fun songs and easy to follow learning exercises make the whole process easy for him to start to grasp. He isn't ready to invest in stocks but he does understand that a penny is less than a dollar and for an almost 4 year old - that's pretty good! The DVD is geared for children 6 years of age, but I was really impressed at how much my son got out of it. He frequently chooses to watch it and recently has started to sing along. " – Melissa, reviews for every mother


    "Just learned of your product line... have previously purchased Telling Time and Money & Making Change DVD's for my 8 year old son who is having some challenges with 2nd grade. They have helped him greatly!" – Lora T., Alsip, IL

  • This highly-entertaining, animated DVD uses music, humor, and fun practice to help kids learn how to recognize coins and bills and make change.

    Penny and Bill have a problem. With their big concert to play, they must repair a broken speaker. Fortunately, Penny has been saving money in her piggy bank. But just how much does she have?

    Penny and Bill learn how to recognize coins, a little about the history of money, why coins and bills are starting to look different, and much more. They learn strategies for sorting coins and cash and use "skip counting" to find out exactly how much money they have.

    After lots of counting money, Penny and Bill learn how to make change by pretending to buy funny items at a garage sale. Kids have time to practice counting money and making change right along with them before hearing the answers. Join them front row for their show at the end to celebrate this learning adventure!

    This highly-entertaining, animated DVD uses music, humor, and fun repetition to help kids learn how to recognize coins and bills and make change.

    • Meet Penny & Bill
    • The Coin Song
    • Counting Pennies
    • Counting Nickels
    • Counting Dimes
    • Counting Quarters
    • Counting Half Dollars
    • Dollars & Other Bills
    • Writing Money
    • Equivalent Forms of Money
    • Counting Money
    • Counting Practice
    • Count the Coins Game
    • "Do I Have Enough Money?" Game
    • Making Change
    • Penny & Bill Live in Concert