Spiders & Insects (iTunes)

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Audio and Digital Booklet

Discover the alluring world of spiders and insects with these fun songs. The spiders and insects album comes with a digital booklet with colorful and highly detailed illustrations. You will discover awesome facts about spiders and insects: body parts of an insect, body parts of a spider, insect colors, insect life cycles, eating habits of spiders and insects, life cycle of a spider, and more.

Ages 8 & up. Approx. 30 minutes.


  • Learning® Magazine Teachers’ ChoiceSM Award for the Classroom

    Parents’ Choice Recommended

    Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Products

  • 1. Parts of a Spider

    2. Life Cycle of a Spider

    3. Web Spinners

    4. Hunting Spiders

    5. Parts of an Insect

    6. Life Cycle of an Insect

    7. Social Insects

    8. Colors, Colors, Insect Colors

    9. Pests

    10. Bonus - Instrumental Track

    Digital Booklet - Spiders & Insects