Social Studies & Science CD Collection

Here’s the fun and effective way to learn the U.S. states and capitals, presidents in order from Washington to Biden, and the planets. Plus, these audio CDs include presentation of states with delayed answers, important facts about the U.S. government and its three branches, and fun facts about each of the nine planets. Rhythmic songs encourage students to join along and learn. Students enjoy creating their own performances using the soundtracks. Total running time: 1 hr, 47 min. (107 minutes)

In this special-savings pack you will receive:
  • States & Capitals Audio CD with Printable Book - Rap the states in alphabetical order followed by capitals, mixed order with delayed answers, capital first followed by state, and states by region. Includes printable book with lyrics and fun facts. Approx. 30 min. Ages 10 & up.
  • Presidents & U.S. Government Audio CD with Printable BookRhythmic songs help students learn the presidents and important facts about the United States government. Practice learning the presidents by inauguration date, number, or last name only. Separate songs help students learn key facts about the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Includes bonus songs about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Printable book has lyrics and fun facts. Approx. 37 min. Ages 10 & up.
  • Solar System Audio CD - Songs explore each planet to learn about order, size, distance from the Sun, satellites, terrain, composition, temperatures, and more. Printable book features colorful illustrations and detailed photos from NASA.