Read Along Stories on DVD
Read Along Stories on DVD Read Along Stories on DVD Read Along Stories on DVD

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Read Along Stories Video 2 Awards Winner

Students enjoy reading along with four classic tales written at a second-grade level. Fun, simple animation provides entertainment, but does not distract young learners from following along with the words on screen. After each story, students are rewarded by reading and singing a cool, rockin' song that reviews the story and presents more challenging words.

Grades 1 & up. Total running time: Approx. 35 minutes



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  • Mom's Best Award

    Creative Child Magazine, DVD of the Year

  • “I just want to thank you so much for coming out with your product! My son, who is 5, is reading! I mean really reading! He remembers the words because of the way you present them. He now can pick up a book and recognize words. We are continuing on with your series, I have seen the success, and would highly recommend these DVDs. Thank you again. Great Job!” - Cindy D.


    “The stories have good expression and move at a good rate. The words are easy to see and follow with the yellow highlighter. Overall, a good product.” - Reviewer


    “My daughter enjoyed this DVD because it was stories that she liked.” – Reviewer,

  • This DVD features four classic stories on DVD: The Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, Jack and the Beanstalk, and The Little Red Hen. Each story is rewritten to be at an approximate second-grade level and help students learn a valuable lesson about life. Plus, each story includes its own fun song. Students enjoy following the bouncing ball to read and sing along. (Research suggests that a musical approach may tap alternate areas of the brain.)

    One of the best ways to give young learners practice with reading is to offer them classic stories they can read over and over. This type of literature-based approach not only provides practice with a familiar story, but also helps children learn how to use contextual clues as they read for meaning. With this DVD, students can practice reading skills just about anywhere—at home, on the road, on any computer that has a DVD player, and in the classroom. No book is necessary, and students read right along with the words on screen. Read Along Stories on DVD can be particularly useful as a reward activity or as a way for teachers to provide extra practice for a specific group of students. It is also extremely useful for students learning English (ELL). Students practice reading and build their vocabulary.

    Busy parents love a self-paced program for use at home or during travel. Teachers appreciate an effortless tool that addresses the need for individualized instruction. And kids delight in knowing that they are becoming better readers.

    • The Three Little Pigs
    • Song - "Little Pig, Little Pig"
    • The Ugly Duckling
    • Song - "A Beautiful Swan"
    • Jack and the Beanstalk
    • Song - "Beanstalk, Beanstalk"
    • The Little Red Hen
    • Song - "I'll Do It Myself"