Alphabet (audio & book)
Alphabet (audio & book) Alphabet (audio & book) Alphabet (audio & book)

Alphabet Audio 1 Award Winner

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Children sing along with catchy tunes for each letter, play musical games, and learn old and new alphabet songs as they reinforce letter recognition skills, learn letter-sound relationships, and develop a richer vocabulary.

Ages 3–5. Approx. 35 minutes.



Video version also available.

Deluxe Board Book also available.


  • Parents’ Choice Approved

  • "The hand-clappin' tunes of the Rock 'N Learn Alphabet CD bring excitement to letter recognition. Designed for children ages 2-5, even first graders get into these beats that reinforce basic phonics along with a brightly illustrated companion book." – The Boston Parents' Paper


    "Catchy songs and musical games complete with sound effects involve young listeners in a vocabulary-building alphabet lesson which includes an easy follow-along book to help kids learn independently. A fun and different approach to learning, this joins other Rock 'N Learn CDs covering math, foreign languages, and other basics." – Children's Bookwatch

  • Reciting the ABCs is just the beginning of alphabet mastery. There's so much more to learn, and Alphabet Al leads the way! Catchy songs involve learners in preschool alphabet activities that strengthen letter recognition and build letter/word associations. Kids follow along with the colorful booklet as they sing catchy tunes for each letter. They play musical games that help them learn to identify upper and lowercase letters and learn words that begin with each letter.

    The easy-to-follow booklet has picture page markers allowing children to use the program independently. A deluxe board book with sturdy pages is available (sold separately). A video version where the characters come to life is also sold separately.


    Alphabet CD & book includes the following:

    • Alphabet Al's Alphabet Song
    • Letter A Song
    • Letter B Song
    • Letter C Song
    • Letter D Song
    • Letter E Song
    • Letter F Song
    • Letter G Song
    • Letter H Song
    • Letter I Song
    • Letter J Song
    • Letter K Song
    • Letter L Song
    • Letter M Song
    • Letter N Song
    • Letter O Song
    • Letter P Song
    • Letter Q Song
    • Letter R Song
    • Letter S Song
    • Letter T Song
    • Letter U Song
    • Letter V Song
    • Letter W Song
    • Letter X Song
    • Letter Y Song
    • Letter Z Song
    • Al's Alphabet
    • Funny-Looking Letters Game
    • The Name Game
    • Traditional Alphabet Song