French Volume I (audio & book)
French Volume I (audio & book) French Volume I (audio & book) French Volume I (audio & book)

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Entertaining songs make learning French words and phrases easy. This audio CD and book is perfect for students of all ages who want to begin learning to speak French. On Part A, students listen to words or phrases in English and then hear them in French. Eventually, students enjoy performing along with the voices. On Part B, students hear the French phrases followed by English to help check their understanding of French.

Ages 6 & up. Approx. 55 minutes.



  • "Rock 'N Learn French is a great way to begin to learn to speak French. The repetition is useful for those who feel overwhelmed when starting a new language. The songs are delightful and catchy. I recommend this program for beginners who are starting out wanting to learn to a new language." – B. Chambers


    "Your products have helped my family a lot. I have impressed my school friends with my French lesson. I just wanted to say keep up the good work." – Chris Teague

  • Rock 'N Learn French includes an illustrated book to follow along while listening to the French CD. Teachers have permission to photocopy the book for instructional use. This program covers greetings, counting, colors, meal time phrases, parts of the body, and survival phrases.


    Rock 'N Learn French contains:

    Part A (English – French):

    • The Greeting Song
    • Let's Count
    • Practice Using Numbers
    • The Colors
    • Practice Using Colors
    • What Am I?
    • Parts of the Body
    • Parts of the Body Practice
    • Time to Eat
    • Meal Time Practice
    • Time for School
    • Time for School Practice


    Part B (Français – Anglais):

    • La Chanson de Bienvenue
    • Comptons les Chiffres
    • Les Chiffres (en practique)
    • Les Couleurs
    • Les Couleurs (en practique)
    • Que Suis-Je?
    • Les Parties du Corps
    • Les Parties du Corps (en practique)
    • L'heure de Manger
    • L'heure de Manger (en practique)
    • L'heure d'Aller à l'École
    • L'heure d'Aller à l'École (en practique)