Presidents & U.S. Government (audio & book)
Presidents & U.S. Government (audio & book) Presidents & U.S. Government (audio & book) Presidents & U.S. Government (audio & book)

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Rhythmic songs help you learn the presidents along with important facts about the United States government. From George Washington to Barack Obama, practice learning the presidents by inauguration date, number, or last name only. Separate songs present key facts about the executive, legislative, and judicial branches including functions, qualifications, and more.

Ages 10 & up. Approx. 37 minutes



  • “I purchased this to use with my five and 10 year old sons. At first they balked when I popped it into the car's cd player, but I told them, "Let's listen to it every time we are in the car for just one week and then see how much we have learned." They were agreeable, so the experiment began! (I will note that we typically were in the car anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour a day, just running errands or going to and from school/sports.) Within a week, all three of us had learned all the presidents, their terms, facts... pretty much all of the songs! We would even sing them when we weren't in the car because they grew on us so much! I can't recall if we liked them immediately or not, but I can tell you that it was perfect for learning about the branches of government and Presidential history so they definitely were never annoying. I highly recommend this cd if you are looking for something catchy to teach these subjects.” – Cat N. in Tennessee


    “Presidents & U.S. Government is an audio CD with an accompanying 32-page flat-spine book that makes learning about American Presidents fun. Engaging rap songs help students memorize the names of America's Presidents and basics about the American government in this dynamic CD. It is a wonderful addition to children's audio libraries, public and private.” – Midwest Book Review Political Science Shelf


    "Thank you for making this wonderful CD with the president song and the other ones that kids can rap. When our son needed to learn his presidents, we were happy to find this." – Ben S.


    "The presidents songs on this CD have been entertaining and useful for my class. We put on a play and used the George Washington song and the song about Abraham Lincoln. I've included a DVD that has the play that was videotaped by one of our parents. Thank you for giving us permission to use it." – Stephanie B, 4th grade teacher 


    “We have a third grade class that loves some of the Rock ‘N Learn Presidents & U.S. Government songs. The students love them so much that they want to make a video of them rocking and rapping to the songs.” – Michael H. Ed. Technologist

  • Rock 'N Learn Presidents & U.S. Government also includes entertaining songs for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. And as an added bonus, we've provided a fun, but challenging rap song about all 43 presidents. We've even included a music-only version for you to create your own performances.

    Rock 'N Learn Presidents & U.S. Government CD is approximately 37 minutes. It includes a reproducible book with song lyrics and fun facts about each president along with a list of presidents in order. Teachers have permission to photocopy pages of the book for instructional use.

    This CD and book combination offers a fun way to learn presidents and memorize facts about the U.S. government.

    List of Presidents of the United States

    George Washington (1789)

    John Adams (1797)

    Thomas Jefferson (1801)

    James Madison (1809)

    James Monroe (1817)

    John Quincy Adams (1825)

    Andrew Jackson (1829)

    Martin Van Buren (1837)

    William Henry Harrison (1841)

    John Tyler (1841)

    James K. Polk (1845)

    Zachary Taylor (1849)

    Millard Fillmore (1850)

    Franklin Pierce (1853)

    James Buchanan (1857)

    Abraham Lincoln (1861)

    Andrew Johnson (1865)

    Ulysses Simpson Grant (1869)

    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1877)

    James Abram Garfield (1831)

    Chester Alan Arthur (1881)

    Grover Cleveland (1885, 1893)

    Benjamin Harrison (1889)

    William McKinley (1897)

    Theodore Roosevelt (1901)

    William Howard Taft (1909)

    Woodrow Wilson (1913)

    Warren Gamaliel Harding (1921)

    Calvin Coolidge (1923)

    Herbert Clark Hoover (1929)

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933)

    Harry S Truman (1945)

    Dwight David Eisenhower (1953)

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1961)

    Lyndon Baines Johnson (1963)

    Richard Milhous Nixon (1969)

    Gerald Rudolph Ford (1974)

    James Earl Carter, Jr. (1977)

    Ronald Wilson Reagan (1981)

    George Herbert Walker Bush (1989)

    William Jefferson Clinton (1993)

    George Walker Bush (2001)

    Barack Hussein Obama (2009)


    Rock 'N Learn Presidents & U.S. Government includes:

    • Learn the Presidents of the U.S.A.
    • Learn the Presidents by Number
    • Learn the Presidents by Last Name Only
    • The Executive Branch
    • The Legislative Branch
    • The Judicial Branch
    • The George Washington Song (Talkin' About George Washington)
    • The Abraham Lincoln Song
    • Learn About Each President
    • Learn About Each President – instrumental version to put on your own performance