Let's Learn to Read 10 DVD Collection
Let's Learn to Read 10 DVD Collection Let's Learn to Read 10 DVD Collection Let's Learn to Read 10 DVD Collection Let's Learn to Read 10 DVD Collection Let's Learn to Read 10 DVD Collection Let's Learn to Read 10 DVD Collection

Here’s the super fun way to boost reading and spelling skills for beginning readers though 2nd grade. 10 DVDs and 81 worksheets feature catchy songs and engaging characters to hold attention. Parents and teachers love the ease of using this set. Combines video from our award-winning Letter Sounds, Phonics, and Sight Word DVDs. Includes vowels, consonants, blends, digraphs, and more. Over 170 sight words help build speed.




  • Combines material from our award-winning Letter SoundsPhonics, and Sight Words DVDs into a comprehensive reading program that’s easy to use!

    Let’s Learn to Read is a series of 10 DVDs and optional activities that provide a fun way for kids to build reading skills, from beginners through second grade. Entertaining music, humorous characters, and engaging stories help learners stay focused. By covering phonics rules and sight words, this collection offers the best of both worlds. And it's sequentially paced to work well with our free worksheets. Learners move on from one DVD to another, as they are ready.

    Phonics skills include vowels, consonants, blends, digraphs, diphthongs, silent consonants, rule breakers, and more. Over 170 sight words help build speed and accuracy for the most common words used in children’s literature.

  • Includes:

    • Phonics for Beginners
    • First Sight Words
    • Phonics: Short Vowels, Consonants and CVC Words
    • Phonics: Double Consonants, Plurals and Blends
    • Sight Words
    • Phonics: Digraphs, Trigraphs and Silent E
    • Phonics: Long Vowels and R-Controlled Vowels
    • More Sight Words
    • Phonics: Diphthongs, Syllables and More
    • Phonics: Rule Breakers and Silent Consonants


    Please note: This collection includes material from our Letter SoundsPhonics, and Sight Words titles. If you want additional titles to build reading and writing skills, consider Read-Along Stories on DVD, Reading Comprehension, and Writing Strategies.

Busy parents love an approach that allows independent practice. Kids love a fun way to learn!

  • Fun songs and humorous characters help build reading skills.
  • Collaborative effort between educators and entertainers
  • Best for ages 4 through 7 and older kids with remedial needs
  • Also useful for parents looking to give their preschooler an early start
  • Sight words are the most common words found in children’s literature.
  • Phonics is a proven strategy for reading and spelling success.
  • Easy to use and sequentially paced
  • Run time: 30–45 minutes each
  • 10 discs total
  • Printed and manufactured in U.S.
  • Bonus material includes free phonics worksheets and lesson extensions that go right along with the sequence of this comprehensive reading program.