Learn a Language - Let's Play Outside (DVD)
Learn a Language - Let's Play Outside (DVD) Learn a Language - Let's Play Outside (DVD) Learn a Language - Let's Play Outside (DVD)

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Learn a Language Let's Play Outside Video 3 Awards Winner

Discover a new language or build vocabulary in your child’s native language. From the Main Menu, select Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, or English – all six languages on one DVD! Kids explore the outdoor world of playful activities and common animals. They learn the names of familiar foods during a fun picnic. Colorful animation, real images, and adorable characters create an engaging experience that’s easy to follow. Select audio and subtitles in any of the six languages. They’re easy to mix and match. Or, you can turn off subtitles.

Ages 2 and up. Approx. 35 minutes per language. 3 hours, 30 minutes total.




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  • Mom’s Choice Awards, Gold Recognition


    National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Silver Winner

  • “Meet Susan, Chip, Brad, Festus, and the Rock 'N Learn kids. They teach kids a fun way of learning a new language. Kids will learn common words using picture and action images while exploring the outdoors and playing. This DVD makes learning a language fun and easy. It features upbeat, foot-tapping music and bright vibrant colors show words on the screen alone and in sentences to reinforce learning."

    “This video includes Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German and English languages that children can learn with ease. Custom combinations of chosen languages are also available. You can choose a language and listen to it over and over, too. Rock 'N Learn has won more than 150 awards and easily earns the Dove Family Approved Seal for all ages.” – Dove ”Family-Approved”

  • Susan, Brad, Festus, Chip, Word-Bot, and the Rock ’N Learn kids make learning a new language easy and fun. These humorous characters hold the interest of children ages 2 and up. Even adults will enjoy this fun way to begin learning a language. Use the main menu to select audio tracks and subtitles in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, or English. All words and phrases are spoken clearly by both male and female native speakers.

    It’s easy to customize subtitles. From the Main Menu, select Custom Combinations. Next, choose the desired language to be heard. Finally, you may select a subtitle from the six languages or turn them off. Parents or teachers may want to see the subtitles in their native language while their children listen to words in another language. Unlike other Rock ‘N Learn programs, the instruction is always spoken rather than sung. This allows children to clearly imitate sounds and pick up the nuances of each language. Brief musical transitions maintain the Rock ‘N Learn theme.

    Each language provides more than 75 words and phrases. Repetition throughout the program helps ensure mastery and a sense of success. Learners get a chance to say each word before the voice or after the voice, and then along with the voice a second time. The adorable Rock ‘N Learn kids from around the globe encourage learners to join the fun and excitement.

    It’s easy to practice a particular section. From the Main Menu, select Choose a Scene, select the language you want to learn, and then pick the desired chapter.

    Research indicates that the earlier you introduce your child to a second language, the easier it may be for your child to pick up its unique sounds. Early exposure to the sounds of a new language can help kids develop a more natural accent. Small children love to mimic what they hear and soon comprehend the meanings of words.

    The English section is perfect for English language learners (ELL) at home or in a classroom. It’s also wonderful for kids with language delays or very young children to help accelerate speech and language development.



    • Moving in Nature
    • Brad's Review
    • Picnic
    • Practice with Ants
    • Other Activities
    • Festus' Practice
    • Animals & More
    • Bedtime Review