Alphabet Al’s ABC Board Book
Alphabet Al’s ABC Board Book Alphabet Al’s ABC Board Book Alphabet Al’s ABC Board Book Alphabet Al’s ABC Board Book

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Alphabet Al's ABC Board Book 5 Awards Winner

Naming letters and boosting vocabulary can be so much fun. Alphabet Al leads the way to academic success at an early age with this board book that includes several colorful images for each letter. Rhymes promote early literacy. Children enjoy tracing each letter with their fingers and naming or pointing to each letter and picture. Goes right along with Rock ‘N Learn Alphabet video or can be used independently.

Preschool level. 30 pages



Audio CD & Booklet also available.

Video version also available.


  • Mom’s Choice Awards, Gold Recognition

    The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval

    Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Toys


    Tillywig Brain Child Award

  • “Kids enjoy having this book repeatedly read to them to a degree one might expect of a favorite bedtime story. That's because the playful, rhyming sentences that appear on each page generate fun and excitement in readers and listeners alike. The first and last pages feature the entire alphabet in upper and lower case letters. The rest of the book showcases one letter per page (written large in the upper left corner), and includes several illustrations of objects that start with that letter. The rhyming text at the bottom of each page includes the names of those objects in the same order that the images appear on the page, making it easy for kids to turn their attention (or point their finger) to each object as it is named. These cleverly integrated factors make for a highly enjoyable, energizing, and engaging experience for youngsters, one that expands and reinforces their knowledge of letters, sounds, and vocabulary.” – Tillywig Award Winner


    “Unanimously positive reviews from testers have helped Rock ‘N Learn earn yet another well-deserved Seal of Approval. This sturdy 15-page board book with thick, colorful pages engages children with bright illustrations that appeal perfectly to the intended age group. Each page features a letter from the alphabet in a bold square in both upper and lowercase. The rest of the page is filled with pictures of things beginning with the page’s letter. There are also playful rhymes on each page that correspond to the letter. Testers felt that this book was an ideal tool for encouraging toddlers and preschoolers to begin building the necessary skills for literacy development. The design, while simple, is clear and eye-catching which helps children focus on the letters, as opposed to a more cluttered approach that can end up distracting the child. Finally a word about Alphabet Al, he is a cheerful and inviting ‘host’ who children were quite drawn to.” – The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval


    “Educational publisher Rock 'N Learn presents two durable board books that are excellent for helping toddlers and preschool children get a head start on learning words and numbers. Alphabet Al's ABC: Book of Words and Rhymes is a vocabulary-boosting book; colorful illustrations help teach little ones basic words for every letter of the alphabet. For example, the page devoted to "I" has the word and a picture for inchworm, igloo, icicles, island, and iceberg. A simple rhyme at the bottom of each page enhances the fun! Colors, Shapes & Counting: A Point & Name Book of Rhymes uses rhymes and colorful pictures to introduce young people to the words for colors, the concepts of shapes, and simple counting. Both books are great read-aloud resources that parents can share with their children, the better to improve their readiness for school!” – Midwest Book Review


    “With its wonderful color board pages, this book will help you teach your youngsters the ABC’s. Each letter has a picture of something that starts with that letter. Each letter also has a lovely rhyme that will encourage little ones to learn more. Babies and kids learn something every day, and here is a tool to help with the educational process. We are proud to award this book with the Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages, though it is written for toddlers. – Dove “Family-Approved”

      • Promotes vocabulary and letter association with several words and pictures for each letter.

      • The rhyming and rhythmic poems on each page help to further develop pre-literacy skills.

      • Large, bright letters are fun for kinesthetic learners to trace.