Early Math Collection

This DVD collection is a fun way to boost math skills for the early grades. Math facts are easy to learn with fun music and exciting animation. Learn all about counting coins and bills and practice making change. Learn to tell time to the hour, half hour, and minute using traditional analog clocks.

In this exclusive web-pack you will receive:

  • Addition & Subtraction Rap DVDRap along with the Hip Hop Hamster and friends for a fast and easy way to add sums up to 18 and subtract differences from 18. Covers concepts and facts in order and mixed. Delayed answers allow students to check themselves. Approx. 54 min. Grades 1 & up.
  • Money & Making Change DVDThe comical characters Penny and Bill help students learn counting money, written terms, making change, and more. Provides plenty of practice with real-world skills. Approx. 58 min. Grades 2 & up.
  • Telling Time DVDTimothy Time and friends teach students how to tell time to the hour and minute using a traditional analog clock. Also covers days of the week, months, counting by fives, and more. Catchy songs and new animation make learning fun. Approx. 46 min. Grades 1 & up.