Science DVD Collection

These DVD programs make learning about science fun and easy. Marko the Pencil whisks learners away to his Super Science Station for an unforgettable learning adventure. Special bonus sections present material as it might be found on a science test. And with Marko's test-taking tips, students are sure to improve on standardized tests.


In this exclusive web-pack you will receive:

  • Earth Science DVDLearn about our galaxy, weather, the water cycle, geology, volcanoes, erosion, energy conservation, and more. Explore alternative energy solutions. Approx. 61 min. Grades 3–8.
  • Human Body DVDDiscover how the circulatory system works, take an adventure ride through the digestive system, explore the five senses, and much more. Approx. 44 min. Grades 4–8.
  • Life Science DVDCovers parts of a plant, photosynthesis, life cycles, cells, food chains/webs, genetic traits, and more. A surprise rock star explains xylem and phloem cells. Approx. 59 min. Grades 3–8.
  • Physical Science DVDGet the scoop on lab safety, the scientific method, atoms and molecules, chemical vs. physical changes, electricity, magnetism, energy, and more. Approx. 55 min. Grades 2–8.