Getting Ready for Kindergarten (DVD)
Getting Ready for Kindergarten (DVD) Getting Ready for Kindergarten (DVD) Getting Ready for Kindergarten (DVD)

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Getting Ready for Kindergarten Video 3 Awards Winner

Jill and Joey are so excited about starting kindergarten! Your kids will get excited too, as they learn essential skills through fun songs, animated characters, and video clips of real children. Skills include colors, counting, tying shoes, following directions, holding a pencil, printing letters and numbers, listening, number recognition, getting dressed, left/right directions, and more.

Ages 3 - 5. Approx. 45 minutes.




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  • "With its combination of animation and live actors, the pace is just the right speed for young children. The music is cheery and upbeat; the lessons are valuable and relevant. The two characters on the DVD take the viewer through life skills like setting the table, tying shoes, and making the bed, academic and pre-academic skills like counting, learning their letters and writing their name, as well as social/play skills like playing with blocks and following directions. Certain lessons are repeated several times for optimal learning. Not only will these lessons promote school readiness in terms of skills, they will also help assure children nervous about starting school that they will have a positive experience." – Parents' Choice Recommended


    "This video is a great way for your little one to prepare for school. Follow Joey and Jill as they practice for kindergarten and see what their friend Molly has to teach them. Children benefit from a visual learning experience with this video that is very well produced. Learn about buttoning, zipping and getting dressed, tying shoes with the 'bunny ear method,' sorting by colors and shapes, how to hold a pencil and scissors properly, size comparisons, drawing a person, printing numbers, recognizing the letters of the alphabet, left/right, following directions and more." – Dr. Toy's 10 Best Audio/Video


    “This DVD follows Jill and Joey who are to start attending kindergarten and can hardly wait! Animated characters and real children involve young viewers as they learn essential skills such as getting dressed and tying shoes, making the bed, cleaning their rooms, learning left and right, and so much more. It is flawlessly produced and thoroughly 'kid friendly'. I recommend this DVD for family, school, and community library educational DVD collections.” – James Cox, Midwest Book Review Children's Bookwatch


    "These are the perfect skills for starting kindergarten." – Belynda Counts, kindergarten teacher for over 20 years


    "My son is 5 and half and heading to Kindergarten in days. My daughter is 4 years old and in her second year of Preschool. This DVD was great for both of them! The characters, Jill and Joey, kept their attention throughout the entire DVD and covered a good amount of information. After we watched it, they wanted to watch it again. I think this DVD is a good comprehensive coverage of all things that are covered in Kindergarten and I believe it helps in their learning process. During one part, there is a step by step process on how to tie a shoe. Recently we've been working with our son on how to do this and for him to see it reinforced on the DVD, he quickly grabbed his learning shoe and followed along and was able to tie the shoe all by himself! He was very proud of himself afterwards." – Jen, author of


    "My 5 year old son loves this DVD! We now home school our children, and will be using this DVD in our home classroom. It's an excellent resource for parents, teachers, homeschoolers, and libraries to have around." –


    "With so many cartoon characters out there vying for our child's attention, I really didn't expect him to gravitate to the DVD like he has. He loves singing along with the songs AND he is learning some great basic self-care skills like dressing himself, tying shoelaces and so much more. We watch this just about every morning before he sets off to preschool and we definitely plan on purchasing him more DVDs from Rock 'N Learn for Christmas." – Mandy, author

  • Getting Ready for Kindergarten DVD works well for preschool instruction at home or school. The fun, animated characters Jill and Joey make it easy for children to get involved and practice right along with the video. Plus, video clips of real children help demonstrate some of the skills covered. Rock 'N Learn consulted with leading kindergarten teachers to address those skills most critical for kindergarten success.

    Getting Ready for Kindergarten covers these skills: buttoning • zipping • colors • counting • tying shoes with "bunny ear method" • following directions • sequencing • sorting • neatness and organizing • asking permission • walking in a line • size comparisons • drawing a person • sharing • listening comprehension • letter recognition • number recognition • holding a pencil • printing letters and numbers • shapes • patterns • left/right directions.

    Getting Ready for Kindergarten is also a perfect supplement for kindergarten teachers to use with students who are learning to speak English. This makes it an ideal video for English language learners (ELL) as well as kindergarten readiness.


    Getting Ready for Kindergarten includes:

    • Getting Dressed
    • Tying My Shoes
    • Making My Bed
    • Cleaning My Room
    • Breakfast Time
    • Using the Rest Room
    • Drawing Myself
    • Story Time
    • The Letter Song
    • Writing My Name
    • Cutting and Pasting
    • Playing With Blocks
    • Writing Numbers
    • Learning Left and Right