Colors, Shapes & Counting (audio & book)
Colors, Shapes & Counting (audio & book) Colors, Shapes & Counting (audio & book) Colors, Shapes & Counting (audio & book)

Colors, Shapes & Counting Audio 4 Awards Winner

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Here is a great way to get your child ready for starting school. Young learners will enjoy all of the kindergarten readiness activities, including learning to count objects by color, shape, or a combination of both. Even gifted children will be challenged by the advanced colors (maroon, turquoise) and shapes (polygons, ellipses). Includes counting up to 20.

Ages 2–5. Approx. 46 minutes.



Video version also available.

Deluxe Board Book also available.


  • Early Childhood News, Directors’ Choice Award

    Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Audio/Video Products

    Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products

    Kid Picks, USA Today

  • "I can't tell you how much my son loves your Colors, Shapes & Counting CD/book. After a week, he knows every word, and walks around all day singing 'Red... Apple... Red... Apple.... Red, Red, Red.' etc. Thanks for being so creative. He's really learning his shapes. He loves to tell me how many points a shape has. He will say 'Please give me that pillow...the rectangle one with four points?' Also, the page numbering scheme with the pictures 'now turn to page 15, the one with the horse' is fantastic!" – Matt H.


    "Why can't children learn basic concepts while rocking and rolling? No reason, and this CD proves it. It covers all the important lessons and leaves kids begging for more. The rhymes are catchy and upbeat and the kids want to hear it over and over. Hide it, because someone will snatch it away!" – Early Childhood News, Directors' Choice Award


    “An interactive and amusing way for preschoolers to learn colors, shapes and how to count up to 20. A 32-page color book of pictures accompanies the 50-minute audio program, which uses a variety of musical styles, catchy songs, sound effects and characters to teach and entertain." – Kid Picks, USA Today


    “This 50-minute audio with its full-color book provides songs about colors, shapes, counting and provides good listening and learning. The child will have the opportunity to learn counting, primary colors, mixing colors, and advanced shapes. Another great set of materials from Rock 'N Learn." – Dr. Toys 10 Best Audio/Video

  • Colors, Shapes & Counting features the comical adventures of Rollie Roundman, Trollie Triangle, and Rockford Rectangle. These playful characters help preschoolers master basic skills and concepts through engaging songs, laughter, and games.

    Even gifted learners will be challenged by the advanced concepts. Preschoolers review the basic colors and also learn maroon and turquoise. They discover polygons, trapezoids, the differences between a square and a rectangle, and more. They enjoy counting objects up to 20 by color, shape, or a combination of both… important preschool sorting skills.

    Colors, Shapes & Counting CD and booklet program offers an early learning experience with books that goes beyond picture stories. Young children can use the audio program independently because picture page markers help them be on the correct page as they follow along with the CD and enjoy the bright, colorful illustrations.


    Colors, Shapes & Counting CD & book includes the following:

    Meet Rollie Roundman • Colors, Colors All Around • Basic Colors • Preschool Color Practice • Learn Our Shapes • Shapes Are All Around Us • What Color Is It? • Name That Shape • Music Helps Me Count to Five • What About Zero? • Mixing Colors • Counting Up to 10 • How Many Shapes? • So Many Shapes • So Many Colors • The Ellipse • Diamonds and Squares • Four Cool Shapes • What Are Polygons? • The Polygon Song • Let's Count to 20 • Fun Time Quiz • Colors All Around