Letter Sounds (audio & printable book)
Letter Sounds (audio & printable book) Letter Sounds (audio & printable book)

Letter Sounds Audio 3 Awards Winner

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Energetic music and fun activities build excitement about learning to read. Letter Sounds covers the most common sound that each letter makes along with consonant blends. Humorous characters on the audio engage kids and hold their interest. This audio program includes a printable, full-color illustrated book. By the end of the program, students are combining letters to read words and even simple sentences.

Ages 4–7. Approx. 51 minutes



Video version also available.


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    Parents’ Guide to Children’s Media Award

  • "With this product, children will learn the sounds of letters with songs and games that help them learn reading skills. The music and illustrations hold attention and get results." – Dr. Toy's 10 Best Children's Audio/Video Products


    "Learning the alphabet with rock rhythms helps energize the extensive repetition needed to master the naming of letters and sounds, recognizing word families, decoding, and building simple sentences. The colorful, read-a-long booklet connects sounds to print with practice drills and word games. Use this musical tool for added variety to pre-reading activities in learning centers, small groups, or at home with parent and child." – Parents' Guide to Children's Media Award


    "I can't say enough about this CD and book! I started playing the Letter Sounds CD for my son when he was about 2. He loved it. Every time we drove in the car, he wanted to hear it. It's got a fun beat (easy for parents to listen to!) and a great book with lots of color. In fact, I had to order extra books, because his friends wanted to have their own when they were in the car." – parent


    "I purchased Rock 'N Learn Letter Sounds for my two year old daughter. She loved following along in the book to the very catchy songs. There are many colorful pictures to hold her interest. Also, it has a quick pace to keep her interested, but not too fast for her to keep up. She learned her letters and all their sounds before she turned three." – parent

  • Letter Sounds audio and printable book program features fun music and engaging characters to help kids learn the skills to become competent readers. After a quick review of upper and lowercase letters, young learners practice the most common sound each letter makes.

    Excitement builds as kids race the clock to say letter sounds in silly sentences before hearing the answers. Combining letters to make words comes next, including consonant blends. Finally, after learning some common sight words, kids feel successful reading short stories composed of simple sentences.

    Letter Sounds Audio CD & Book includes:

    • The New Alphabet Song
    • Learn the Sounds
    • Letter Sounds Quiz
    • Name That Letter!
    • Reading Words
    • Consonant Combinations
    • Memory Words
    • Reading Sentences
    • New Alphabet Song Practice