Learn a Language - Numbers, Colors & More (DVD)
Learn a Language - Numbers, Colors & More (DVD) Learn a Language - Numbers, Colors & More (DVD) Learn a Language - Numbers, Colors & More (DVD)

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Learn a Language Numbers, Colors & More Video 9 Awards Winner

Discover a new language or practice vocabulary and counting in your child’s first language. Choose from Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, and English – all six languages on one DVD! In this exciting adventure, kids learn colors, toys, clothes, furniture, and counting to 10. Colorful animation, real images, and adorable characters create an engaging experience that’s clear and easy to follow. From the main menu, select audio and subtitles in any of the six languages. They’re easy to mix and match. You can even turn off subtitles.

Ages 2 – 6. Approx. 37 minutes per language. 3 hours, 42 minutes total.




Also available: Learn a Language - Let's Play Outside


  • Mom’s Choice Awards, Gold Recognition

    National Parenting Publication Awards (NAPPA) Honors

    Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products

    Parents Television Council, PTC Seal of Approval™

    The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval

    Academics' Choice Smart Media Award

    Tillywig Brain Child Award

    Creative Child Magazine, Preferred Choice Award


  • “Offering a great way to introduce children to different languages while also focusing on key non-English words and phrases, this entry from the long-running Rock ‘N Learn series takes viewers on an animated tour of a fun, futuristic house, pointing out everyday objects, numbers, and colors in—depending on the option chosen from the menu—English, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish, with the same range of available subtitles. After a while, adjectives and verbs are added to the simple nouns, creating short sentences (e.g., “Go up the stairs.”) and word combinations (“seven red balloons”). Youngsters will appreciate the cartoon characters (giggling kids, a mischievous armadillo), who are charming in any language. Highly recommended.” – Video Librarian, Vol. 30, January-February 2015

    3 1/2 out of 4 stars possible


    “This DVD makes it easy for children to learn key vocabulary words in six different languages. The main menu allows viewers to choose either Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, or English and then takes them directly into a colorful, fun-filled animated video. Kids learn colors, numbers, and the names of many common household objects, including articles of clothing, toys, furniture, and more. The content is very clear and easy to follow. Each word is spoken and appears onscreen (subtitles can also be turned off) in the language being learned while the object itself is displayed and highlighted. This takes place amidst a cast of animated characters and ongoing action. The playful visuals enhance learning by keeping children entertained and engaged throughout. This approach is also quite effective in helping children practice vocabulary and counting in their first language.” – Tillywig Brain Child Award


    “What an ambitious program. Six, count them – six different languages are taught here. It is very well done with great characters, good word choices and it's quick and to the point. The menu allows one to easy switch between languages.” – National Parenting Publication Awards Honors Winner


    “Using this DVD, kids can learn common phrases, numbers/counting, and colors, in six different languages! This video makes learning words from a new language easy and fun. You can use the menu options to switch between languages, making it easy to learn the name for something in all six languages.

    “Lots of repetition, colorful and vibrant images, and clear common words. Subtitles can be turned on or off to go with your child’s learning ability and pace. A fun and easy way to learn different languages!

    “We are proud to award this DVD with the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.” – Dove “Family-Approved”


    “Intended for very young viewers (but helpful to anyone trying to learn another language), this DVD uses animation and voices to familiarize the viewer with the names of simple, everyday objects like ‘the chair,’ ‘the table,’ ‘the coat,’ and so forth. Also taught are the numbers one through ten and the colors. Languages included on this DVD are English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Mandarin Chinese.” – Parents Television Council Seal of Approval


    “Learn a Language is a surprisingly comprehensive introduction to languages from around the world. My children were very excited to get started. They chose German for the first viewing. This title features many of our favorite characters, uses vibrant animation and real images to relate the new vocabulary word to the object featured. What I liked right away is that the subject matter and language are interesting and appealing to a younger audience. Children learn how to say the words of common items found around the house (along with colors, counting to 10, clothes, toys, etc.) in English and German. It also uses repetition (without becoming dull) in order to help children remember the word. Overall, the Rock ‘N Learn Learn a Language DVD was a hit with my children and they loved discovering new languages.” – Maureen 60 Comments, blogger


    “Learn a Language is an educational DVD for viewers ages 2 and up; even adults will find it a useful introduction to speaking, reading, and understanding a new language. Colorful, computer-animated footage teaches the viewer the words for colors, toys, clothes, furniture, and counting to 10 – over 80 words and phrases total! Audio and subtitles have the options of Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, and English, and they can be mixed and matched as desired. Listeners of all ages are encouraged to speak foreign words along with delightful characters, in this fun, user-friendly show! 37 min. per language, or 3 hours 42 min. total.” – Midwest Book Review

  • Susan, Brad, Festus, Chip, Word-Bot, and the Rock ’N Learn kids make learning a new language easy and exciting. These lovable characters hold the interest of children age 2 – 6. Even adults will enjoy this fun way to begin learning a language. Use the main menu to select audio tracks and subtitles in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, or English. All words and phrases are spoken clearly by both male and female native speakers.

    It’s easy to customize subtitles. From the Main Menu, select Custom Combinations. Next, choose the desired language to be heard. Finally, you may select a subtitle from the six languages or turn them off. Parents or teachers may want to see the subtitles in their native language while their children listen to words in another language.

    Unlike other Rock ‘N Learn programs, the instruction is always spoken rather than sung. This allows children to clearly imitate sounds and pick up the nuances of each language. Brief musical transitions and fun performers maintain the Rock ‘N Learn theme.

    Each language provides more than 80 words and phrases. Repetition throughout the program helps ensure mastery and a sense of success. Learners get a chance to say each word before the voice or after the voice, and then along with the voice a second time. The adorable Rock ‘N Learn kids from around the globe encourage learners to join the fun and excitement.

    It’s easy to practice a particular section. From the Main Menu, select Choose a Scene, select the language you want to learn, and then pick the desired chapter.

    To create this program, we consulted with language experts and bilingual families. We also asked focus groups what they liked and disliked about existing language programs for kids. We tested early versions with preschool children and older kids until we achieved the right mixture of repetition, humor, and entertainment. We wanted a program that kids would love to use again and again.

    As one unexpected result, children rarely seemed content to try just one language. They pleaded to experience several of them. For example, “I want to learn German next!” More than anticipated, children truly loved the multicultural experience of hearing and saying words in a variety of languages. They sometimes giggled at the pronunciation of familiar objects in a new language. We saw lots of smiles and happy expressions as kids used this program.

    Research indicates that the earlier you introduce your child to a second language, the easier it will be for your child to pick up its unique sounds. Early exposure to the sounds of a new language can help kids develop a more natural accent. Small children love to mimic what they hear and soon comprehend the meanings of words.

    The English section is perfect for English language learners (ELL) at home or in a classroom. It’s also wonderful for kids with language delays or very young children to help accelerate speech and language development.

    If you are wondering about the difference between the Spanish on this program and Rock ‘N Learn’s other Spanish video, this program is intended for younger children and provides more repetition and practice. It does not contain the depth of words and phrases in our other Spanish, and it does not include songs. The advantages of this Learn a Language program: 1) more appropriate for young children, 2) includes several different languages selectable from main menu, 3) you can easily customize subtitles, and 4) cartoon characters and humor make it fun for younger children. We still recommend our Rock ‘N Learn Spanish, with its wealth of material, for children age 6 and up.



    • Our House
    • Count to Five
    • Colors
    • Color Practice
    • Where's My Shoe?
    • Clothes
    • Count to Ten
    • Toys
    • Toy Practice
    • Clothing Practice
    • Review and Practice