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Learning multiplication facts can be fun, especially when you rock! Upbeat music and energetic performers make these multiplication rock songs popular with kids of all ages. As they rock out to these multiplication tunes, learners develop quick, accurate recall for facts through 12. They also practice skip counting.

Grades 3 & up. Approx. 45 minutes.


Also available in video version.


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  • "My son hugged me after listening to the Multiplication Rock CD for an hour." – Christina Miani


    “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! My middle school son finally learned his multiplication through music!! It became our family car entertainment. This guy really needed a different method! – Kathy H.

  • Multiplication Rock audio program comes with a 32-page book with activity pages, including our popular multiplication math mazes. Teachers and parents have permission to reproduce these activities for instructional use.


    Multiplication Rock audio program is perfect for learning multiplication facts in the classroom or at home. First-time learners love an engaging way to learn multiplication. Older students at-risk or in need of remedial assistance will appreciate the non-juvenile sound. The high-interest sound appeals to students of many different age groups, from young first-time learners through those in their teens (wanting to improve speed and accuracy). Includes bonus tracks for practicing skip counting.


    Multiplication Rock includes:

    • Multiply With Power (0x, 1x)
    • Multiply Two (2x)
    • Multiples of Three (3x)
    • Hang Around (4x)
    • Numbers' Beat (5x)
    • Prime Time (6x)
    • Doin' Alright (7x)
    • Singin' Along (8x)
    • Quick Reaction (9x)
    • Zero at the End (10x)
    • Revvin Eleven (11x)
    • Dozen Song (12x)

    Bonus: Skip Counting Songs 2s through 12s and Count by 25