Spanish Volume I (audio & book)
Spanish Volume I (audio & book) Spanish Volume I (audio & book) Spanish Volume I (audio & book)

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Rock 'N Learn Spanish Volume I CD provides fun songs for learning to speak Spanish covering greetings, colors, counting, and survival phrases.  On Part A, learners listen to words or phrases in English and then hear them in Spanish. On Part B, learners hear the Spanish phrases followed by English to help check their understanding of Spanish. Part B also works well with Spanish-speaking students who want to learn English.

For ages 6 & up. Approx. 55 minutes.



Video version also available.


  • "My family and I have been listening to Volume 1 of the Rock 'N Learn Spanish for several years and have really enjoyed listening and learning as we have used it in our car while driving around town and on vacations. Now my older kids can understand and speak a little espanol, sort of naturally. Thanks!" – Stuart Clarke


    "Thank you for providing a follow-up to your first Spanish CD. These Spanish CDs are great to use in the car. Even after dropping my kids off for school, I catch myself singing the songs." – Linda T., parent


    "I was looking for a learn to speak Spanish CD. Yours was recommended. It makes learning Spanish more fun than other ways to learn to speak Spanish." – David F.

  • Volumes I and II of Rock 'N Learn Spanish audio CDs are each sold separately and come with an illustrated, follow-along book. Volume I covers greetings, counting, colors, meal time phrases, parts of the body, and phrases to use at school.

    Delayed answers on this Spanish CD make it easy to check your progress. Rock 'N Learn Spanish presents simple words and phrases to make learning quick, entertaining, and easy.

    Teachers responsible for teaching English to persons who speak Spanish (ELL) will find Rock 'N Learn Spanish CDs useful because the first part of each volume presents English followed by Spanish. The second part presents Spanish followed by English. This is a practical way to learn or practice English independently.


    Choose either Rock 'N Learn Spanish audio CDs or Rock 'N Learn Spanish Video DVD.


    Rock 'N Learn Spanish Audio CD Volume I includes:

    Part A (English – Spanish):

    • The Greeting Song
    • Let's Count
    • Practice Using Numbers
    • The Colors
    • Practice Using Colors
    • What Am I?
    • Parts of the Body
    • Parts of the Body Practice
    • Time to Eat
    • Meal Time Practice
    • Time for School
    • Time for School Practice


    Part B (Español – Inglés):

    • Canción de bienvenida
    • Contemos
    • Práctica usando los números
    • Los colores
    • Práctica usando los colores
    • ¿Quien soy yó?
    • Partes del cuerpo
    • Práctica de las partes del cuerpo
    • Tiempo para comer
    • Práctica de la hora de comer
    • La hora de la escuela
    • Práctica para la hora de la escuela