Solar System (audio & printable book)
Solar System (audio & printable book) Solar System (audio & printable book)

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Entertaining songs help students learn fun facts about the eight planets, including order, size, distance from the sun, satellites, terrain, composition, and temperatures. The Solar System CD comes with a book that features colorful illustrations and detailed photos from NASA. This program makes the perfect travel CD or supplement to any science curriculum.

Ages 8 & up. Approx. 40 minutes



  • Future astronomers will enjoy rocking through this audio program and learning enjoyable planetary facts from the accompanying book. The eleven lively songs highlight our solar system, the Sun and each of the planets. The lyrics are catchy and full of factual, accurate scientific information. The vocals are clear and the book contains the written lyrics, graphs, and fact boxes. Numerous beautiful color photos from NASA are appropriately placed throughout the book.  The program will not sit on the shelf for long. –School Library Journal Audiovisual Review


    "These audio titles are great for kids who just can't get enough science. Each features lyrics that are full of facts, but the rhymes do not seem forced and the tone remains factual even when they take a fun twist." –Booklist


    Thank you for the updated Solar System CD. The kids' textbooks still have Pluto as a planet. –Caitlin M.


    "Jam-packed with fascinating facts, Solar System is half science class, half musical fun. Filled with upbeat, rapping ditties about the stars and planets this CD is a lot of fun and will surprise you with its wealth of intriguing information. If your children have expressed an interest in the night sky and a curiosity about the solar system, they will really enjoy these songs and the great photos in the accompanying book." –National Parenting Center Seal of Approval


    "Rock and roll across the solar system with lyrics that teach specifics about the planets, e.g., sizes, rotations, moons, compositions, and more. Specialized vocabulary trips off the tongue while children quickly become experts on planetary facts and figures. –The Elementary School Library Collection

  • Rock 'N Learn Solar System has been revised to reflect many recent discoveries about our solar system, including the resolution by the IAU that Pluto is no longer a planet because it "has not cleared the neighborhood around its orbit."


    Journey Through Our Solar System

    A Yellow Star (The Sun)

    Mercury, Planet Number One

    The Way It Is on Venus

    Planet Earth

    Mars Is the Place

    King Jupiter

    Ring Around the Planet Saturn

    Planet Number Seven, Uranus

    Neptune Tune

  • The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval