Math Word Problems (DVD)
Math Word Problems (DVD) Math Word Problems (DVD) Math Word Problems (DVD)

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Math Word Problems Video 2 Awards Winner

Marko the Pencil helps students boost math skills and score high on tests. Students learn how to read problems carefully, identify relevant information, use pictures and diagrams, and look for patterns. Clear explanations and outrageous humor make this DVD fun and effective. Correlated to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards.

Grades 3 & 4. Approx. 58 minutes




  • Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, Kids First! All Star

    Creative Child Magazine, Preferred Choice Award

  • “This DVD serves as an excellent introduction to assessment tests. A friendly pencil named Marko gives "tips" to taking tests. Multiple choice tests with math word problems may be new or difficult for children who are not continually tested in this format, but Marko takes all the scariness out of the tests. Using example problems, Marko and the virtual student explain and show kids just how to read the entire question, select the information that is required to answer the question, and how to reason out the best answer by reading all the answers and selecting the one that answers the question. Marko demonstrates how to properly mark the test booklet by filling in the bubble completely. He also tells kids to erase any other marks from the paper to ensure they receive the proper credit for their answers. Marko the Pencil moves through a variety of problems that appear on most standardized tests. By the end of the show, children should feel comfortable with the formatting of standardized testing and the types of problems they will be required to solve and mark correctly within a test booklet or on an answer sheet. This DVD is recommended because it is a great way to introduce testing to children who have not previously been in a testing situation.” – Kate O'Mara Eclectic Homeschool Online


    “This is a super tool for teachers to use with classes preparing for standardized tests. It covers everything students would need to know and shows good examples. Wonderful explanations of the types of math problems that children may encounter. As a Math Teacher for 12 years, I really appreciated specific aspects to this video.” - Kids First Adult Juror Comment


    “Most all of the kids who viewed it loved it. They were engaged and learning, They felt good about themselves even when they gave the wrong answers. You don't feel embarrassed when Marko explains the right answers.” – Kids First Kid Juror Comment


    “Marko the Pencil takes viewers step-by-step through solving 40 math problems. The tips provided about erasing completely and having a good breakfast are solid, as are the specific math strategies like looking for patterns and drawing a picture to solve problems.” – Stephanie Farnlacher, Trace Crossing Elementary School, Hoover, LAReview from School Library Journal

  • Rock 'N Learn assembled a team of teachers known for getting high scores from their students on state-mandated math tests. We also examined standardized tests in several states and discovered the winning strategies for boosting scores and reducing stress. Marko's clear explanations, fun songs, and outrageous humor add to the excitement.

    Although the math material on this DVD is at a third grade level, students in the fourth grade will also benefit from the review of concepts and strategies for getting top scores on a standardized math test.

    Marko the Pencil's irresistible humor throughout the program helps students stay focused. Step by step, kids practice the top strategies proven to boost their test scores on a math test. They learn to analyze word problems, filter extraneous information, and rule out multiple-choice options that could not be correct. By following these steps, students have a much better chance of choosing the right answers.

    Students learn the importance of reading each problem carefully, checking answers to see if they are reasonable, and knowing their math terms and definitions.

    As a special reward at the end of Math Word Problems DVD, Marko the Pencil makes an appearance at the Golden Stylus Comedy room. His clever math jokes will have kids laughing and retelling the jokes to others. 

    Get started right now helping your child or students build confidence and develop the skills for success on a standardized math test.


    Math Word Problems DVD gives students valuable practice with problems involving:

    • multiplication, division and other operations
    • counting money and making change
    • time passage and clocks
    • graphs, charts, number lines, and coordinates
    • congruent shapes
    • estimating and identifying fractions
    • units of measurement
    • temperature
    • patterns
    • number sentences and fact families
    • making a diagram, list, table, or chart to solve a math problem
    • understanding place value
    • line of symmetry
    • multi-step problems
    • estimation
    • simple geometry, area, and perimeter
    • simple probability