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Everyone loves rapping along and learning multiplication with D.J. Doc Roc – the Hip Hop Hamster. Positive lyrics, fun music, and high-energy action make these multiplication rap songs irresistible. Multiplication facts through 12 are easy to learn and remember with a different song for each set of rap facts. Now includes skip counting songs.

Grades 3 & up.

DVD version: Approx. 46 minutes.

Audio CD & Book version: Approx. 39 minutes.




CD & Book



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Digital versions available

  • Learning multiplication facts doesn't have to be dull. With Multiplication Rap, students can rap along while they learn and retain facts. Upbeat music with positive lyrics, energetic performers, and fun characters (DVD) make rap songs favorites with kids of all ages. Delayed answers the second time multiplication facts are presented allow students to check their progress. These songs will help kids learn multiplication facts quickly and easily.

    When you order Multiplication Rap, you can choose from a DVD video version or an audio CD & book version.

    Multiplication Rap audio CD includes a book with activity pages to reinforce the multiplication songs. Teachers and parents have permission to reproduce these activity pages. Kids especially love the math mazes. As a bonus, Multiplication Rap CD now includes skip counting songs for counting by 2 through 12 and 25.

    Multiplication Rap DVD video offers fast-paced action to hold the interest of kids and get results. This video allows self-study and individually paced instruction. D.J. Doc Roc is "the Hip Hop Hamster" that kids of all ages love. He is joined by MCM, CAPital C, Bling-Bot, and the other fun characters of the Get Smart Crew. Each set of facts has its own unique video song. As a bonus, this DVD now has Skip Counting for 2 through 12 and 25.

    Multiplication Rap DVD also includes "What is Multiplication?" This 11-minute segment is only on the DVD and clearly explains what multiplication is all about. For example, students learn how multiplication is repeated addition. They learn the Nines Trick, using manipulative objects such as pennies to understand multiplication, the commutative property of multiplication, and more.

    Multiplication Rap is perfect for students of all ages including older students who are turned off by juvenile-sounding multiplication songs. Although you will find other multiplication recordings and plenty of imitators, this is the one and only Rock 'N Learn Multiplication Rap.

  • Multiplication Rap DVD and CD both include:

    • Power Rap (0x, 1x)
    • Dance and Multiply Two (2x)
    • What Numbers Do (3x)
    • In Your Brain (4x)
    • Numbers' Beat Rap (5x)
    • Everybody Multiply (6x)
    • Classroom Star (7x)
    • Singin' and Rhymin' (8x)
    • Crank It Out (9x)
    • The Big One-Oh (10x)
    • Multiplication Blvd. (11x)
    • Dozen Rhyme (12x)
    • Skip Counting Songs (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 25)

    Bonus Track (on Multiplication Rap audio): Make Your Own Multiplication Rap Song

    Bonus Segment (on Multiplication Rap DVD): What Is Multiplication?

  • Review 1 of 17

    If your children love rap, this is a great way for them to learn multiplication tables. The hip hop beat keeps kids rapping with the animated rap characters until multiplication is easy and accurate. Thirteen rap songs teach multiplication from zero through twelve, each fact being repeated twice. The second time through, the answer is delayed, giving the student time to answer before the answer is given. The DVD also includes skip counting songs that use repetition to teach an alternative way of learning multiplication facts. The method of skip counting uses two bicycles wheels, three sides to a triangle, four wheels to a car, five fingers to a hand, and so on. Skip counting repeats several times, increasing the speed each time through the series. The back of the DVD says "Millions of students have learned their multiplication facts through 12 with this program." I'm sure they have. - Kate O'Mara Eclectic Homeschool Online

    Review 2 of 17

    This program provides a fantastic multisensory resource for learning and reviewing multiplication facts. Clear visuals, fun songs, and plenty of repetition provides a positive learning experience. - Cynthia Grabke, Halifax Elementary School, MA from the School Library Journal

    Review 3 of 17

    " I am a Math Coach at a Title One school in South Carolina. Over the past four years, we have seen our math students come from scoring the lowest of ten elementary schools to second from the top! Having recently received an award from the governor for closing the achievement gap in math (for historically underachieving students), we credit some of our strategies to your Multiplication Rap CD I purchased for some of our children. - Frieda B., Elementary School Math Coach

    Review 4 of 17

    "The multiplication rap DVD was fun to watch. The children enjoyed the graphics, the music, and the rapping made it fun to learn. My children seemed to have better recall of their multiplication facts." - reviewer, iParenting Media Awards

    Review 5 of 17

    "The songs were fun and a great way to put the facts into memory. The delayed answers give children time to answer the question. The characters held the attention of the children for something that can be rote and boring. While this would be an added benefit to the classroom, often teachers do not have enough time in the day to add supplemental items to the curriculum; that is why it is a great idea to also promote this to parents to use at home." - reviewer, iParenting Media Awards

    Review 6 of 17

    There's really not too much fun about learning multiplication. In my memories, learning how to multiply was a whole lot of writing and rewriting 2X1 = 2, 2X2=4, 2X3=6, with memorization. Nothing fun at all. The people at Rock 'N Learn are definitely on to something with their Multiplication Rap DVD. Featuring a hip hop hamster, DJ Doc Roc, it includes songs and raps that make multiplication fun. Each set of facts has its own multiplication rap song! The DVD runs about 50 minutes, and includes an 11 minute segment entitled "What is Multiplication?" It provides an overview of what multiplication is really all about, and is actually interesting to listen to. - Jodi

    Review 7 of 17

    "Catchy memorable lyrics and a fun upbeat attitude, make this audio tape something that is ideal for helping kids overcome learning blocks. Music is one of the best ways we know to help with the retention of essential material like teaching the times table. The rhyming techniques of rap music lends itself well here. Our testers agreed that while learning multiplication may not be their idea of fun, it sure helped to have this tape to make it go down easier." – National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

    Review 8 of 17

    "A bestseller that's fun and unique. Features positive lyrics to encourage and motivate learning." – Learning Magazine, Teachers' Choice Award

    Review 9 of 17

    "Positive lyrics extol the virtues of staying in school, hard work at studies, and self-esteem while teaching listeners the multiplication tables from 0 to 12. The narrators are clear and precise and explain the key concepts in an understandable manner. The booklet offers additional activities. A lot of fun, as well as meaningful learning." – Booklist

    Review 10 of 17

    These are audio CDs with a difference: original rap tunes with attention-grabbing lyrics which teach kids. Multiplication Rap includes activity pages of games and puzzles to accompany a "top 40" set of rap sounds, with the multiplication table broken into different rhymes and songs for each times table. – Children's Bookwatch

    Review 11 of 17

    "Multiplication can be fun for children when they learn while catching the performance of D.J. Doc Rock and the Get Smart crew.  The lyrics encourage good study habits and motivate students." – Dr. Toy's 10 Best Audio/Video

    Review 12 of 17

    One of my students brought in the Multiplication Rap DVD to share.  We enjoyed it for a week, and I saw the power of both seeing and hearing the facts.  So, I'm ordering lots for my 3rd and 4th graders. The Spanish is largely for my own child, but the class saw the ad for it at the end of the DVD and got excited, so I'll use it as a reward for work completion. – Carolyn M.

    Review 13 of 17

    "The non-juvenile sound of Multiplication Rap appeals to first-time learners because it is cool and fun. In our school, the older students who are at-risk or who have remedial needs love rapping along to the coolest sounding multiplication program we've found anywhere!" - Charlotte Harris, 3rd grade teacher

    Review 14 of 17

    "When it's essential to build speed and accuracy for performing multiplication facts through 12, we recommend your multiplication songs to parents. This is the one that our students enjoy the most." - Lee Ferrell, teacher

    Review 15 of 17

    "Rock 'N Learn Multiplication Rap audio CD and book is the number one selling item in my teacher supply store." – Store Owner, Chicago, quoted at trade show

    Review 16 of 17

    "I have a dyslexic son who is also a champion swimmer. He  turned 9 in June, and we're channeling the same mentality we used to achieve in swim towards academics, and started today with the Multiplication Rap CD. What an incredible resource! Congratulations on such a productive and innovative idea." – Judith S.

    Review 17 of 17

    "The most positive characteristic of this product is that the DVD is a fun, and entertaining way for children to learn their multiplication facts. The characters are fun, and the dancing, singing, and energetic music make this a very entertaining DVD. There is a segment with the familiar Marko the Pencil, which explains what multiplication is. The graphics and animation are excellent, as is the audio quality. The intro is relatively short and jumps right into the multiplication exercises. Each exercise has a different look and song, making the content less repetitive than it could be. The company has done a great job in making a learning DVD entertaining and educational." - reviewer, iParenting Media Awards

  • The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval

    Learning Magazine, Teachers' ChoiceSM Award (CD)

    Dr. Toy's 10 Best Children's Audio/Video Products

    iParenting Media Award, Best Product

    Learning Magazine, Teachers' ChoiceSM Award for the Family

    Creative Child Magazine, Preferred Choice Award

    Coalition for Quality Children's Media, Kids First! Endorsement

    The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval

    #6 of 16 Best Back to School Gear,

    Learning Magazine Teachers' ChoiceSM Award for the Classroom (DVD)

    The Toy Man Seal of Approval

    Family Choice Award – Family Magazine Group

    Tillywig Toy Awards Brain Child

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Interpret products of whole numbers, e.g., interpret 5 × 7 as the total number of objects in 5 groups of 7 objects each. For example, describe a context in which a total number of objects can be expressed as 5 × 7. --– (Video version only)


Fluently multiply and divide within 100, using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division (e.g., knowing that 8 × 5 = 40, one knows 40 ÷ 5 = 8) or properties of operations. By the end of Grade 3, know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers.

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