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Audio and Digital Booklet

Dinosaur Rap features cool songs about dinosaurs, fossils, theories of extinction, and more. Explore prehistoric times through rap rhymes, attention-grabbing sound effects, and vibrant illustrations ready to jump off the page. You'll learn to say dinosaur names at an incredible speed. So, get ready to take your knowledge about dinosaurs to a new level.

Ages 8 & up. Approx. 42 minutes.

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  • Dinosaur Rap makes a wonderful educational gift for kids, ages 8 and up. Kids love rapping along to learn dinosaur names and fun facts about prehistoric life.

    Dinosaur Rap audio includes a beautifully-illustrated, full-color digital booklet with instructional guide, lyrics, and suggested activities for learning even more about dinosaurs and prehistoric times.

  • Dinosaur Rap includes:

    • What Is a Dinosaur?
    • Fossils
    • Specific Kinds of Fossils
    • Mesozoic Era
    • Periods of the Mesozoic Era
    • Dinosaurs From the Triassic Period
    • Dinosaurs From the Jurassic Period
    • Herbivores From the Cretaceous Period
    • An Omnivore From the Cretaceous Period
    • Carnivores From the Cretaceous Period
    • Name the Dinosaurs Game
    • Prehistoric Reptiles of the Sea and Air
    • What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

    How to pronounce dinosaur names
    (Dinosaur names included in Dinosaur Rap CD)

    Allosaurus (al-loh-SOR-us)

    Anatosaurus (an-AT-uh-sor-us)

    Ankylosaurus (ang-KIE-loh-sor-us)

    Apatosaurus (uh-pat-oh-SOR-us)

    Archaeopteryx (ar-kee-OP-ter-ix)

    Baryonyx (bire-ee-ON-ix)

    Brachiosaurus (brak-ee-oh-SOR-us)

    Brontosaurus (bron-toh-SOR-us)

    Camarasaurus (kam-ah-ruh-SOR-us)

    Camptosaurus (kamp-toh-SOR-us)

    Carnosaurs (KARN-oh-sorz)

    Carnotaurus (KARN-oh-tor-us)

    Ceratosaurus (ser-AT-oh-sor-us)

    Coelophysis (see-loh-FIE-sis)

    Coelurosaurs (see-LUR-oh-sorz)

    Compsognathus (komp-sug-NAY-thus)

    Corythosaurus (koh-rith-oh-SOR-us)

    Deinonychus (die-NON-ee-kus)

    Dilophosaurus (die-lof-oh-SOR-us)

    Diplodocus (dih-PLOD-oh-kus)

    Giganotosaurus (jie-GAN-uh-tuh-sor-us)

    Gorgosaurus (gor-goh-SOR-us)

    Hypsilophodon (hip-sih-LOH-fuh-don)

    Ichthyosaurs (ik-thee-oh-SORZ)

    Iguanodon (i-GWAN-oh-don)

    Kentrosaurus (KEN-truh-sor-us)

    Kronosaurus (KROH-nuh-sor-us)

    Lagosuchus (lah-goh-SOO-kus)

    Lambeosaurus (LAM-bee-oh-sor-us)

    Lesothosaurus (leh-soo-too-SOR-us)

    Maiasaurus (mie-uh-SOR-us)

    Mussaurus (muh-SOR-us)

    Nothosaurus (note-oh-SOR-us)

    Ornitholestes   (or-nih-thuh-LES-teez)

    Oviraptor (oh-vih-RAP-ter)

    Pachycephalosaurus (pak-ee-sef-ah-loh-SOR-us)

    Parasaurolophus (par-uh-SOR-ah-loh-fus)

    Plateosaurus (plate-ee-uh-SOR-us)

    Plesiosaurus (PLEE-zee-uh-SOR-us)

    Procompsognathus (pro-komp-sug-NAY-thus)

    Protoceratops   (pro-toh-SAIR-uh-tops)

    Pteranodon (ter-AN-oh-don)

    Pterodactylus (tair-uh-DAK-til-us)

    Quetzalcoatlus (ket-sol-koh-AT-lus)

    Rhamphorynchus (ram-foh-RINK-us)

    Sauropods (SAW-roh-podz)

    Spinosaurus (spine-oh-SOR-us)

    Stegosaurs (steg-oh-SORZ)

    Stegosaurus (steg-oh-SOR-us)

    Stenonychosaurus (sten-oh-nik-uh-SOR-us)

    Struthiomimus (stroo-thee-oh-MIE-mus)

    Styracosaurus (stie-rak-oh-SOR-us)

    Torosaurus (tore-oh-SOR-us)

    Triceratops (try-SAIR-uh-tops)

    Troödon (TROO-oh-don)

    Tyrannosaurus rex (tuh-ran-uh-SOR-us rex)

    Ultrasaurus (ul-truh-SOR-us)

    Velociraptor (vel-ah-sih-RAP-ter)

  • Review 1 of 6

    "Hip-hop songs teach many dinosaur facts in this book and audio package. The electronic background music and solid vocals by male and female soloists and backup singers combine to make danceable, informative songs. Students will feel affinity for both the style and topic of the songs. Each song builds upon the previous, beginning with "What Is a Dinosaur?" The book has the complete lyrics of each song, accompanied by full-color illustrations. There is also an index. Packed with facts, this is sure to be both popular and useful. It is amazing that the lyricist could rhyme so many dinosaur names and facts. – School Library Journal Audiovisual Review

    Review 2 of 6

    Nerd Factor: Awesome, packed with info Hip Hop Factor: Awesome, phat production and rhyme flows Parent Factor: Awesome, all educational and catchy-Stephen L., Los Angeles, CA

    Review 3 of 6

    This product has a WEALTH of dinosaur information set to music that is a toe tapping good time. Any dinosaur fanatic will enjoy the songs about specific dinosaurs and their qualities. My child will sit and listen to the it over and over again. - parent

    Review 4 of 6

    "Children fascinated with dinosaurs will fully enjoy this combination audio tape and book.  Covers information children enjoy learning in a fun, easy way with music, raps, sound effects and plenty of illustrations.  This set is a perfect take-along for travel or when school begins.  A carefully researched production with eye-catching illustrations." – Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products

    Review 5 of 6

    "Kids love to learn dinosaur names, but there are so many. Kids learn over 50 dinosaur names and facts about fossils and prehistoric oddities. This fascinating audio will keep kids entertained for hours as they practice learning dinosaur names to impress their friends. At least that is what happened with my son when I gave him Dinosaur Rap by Rock 'N Learn." – Steven S., parent

    Review 6 of 6

    "We also have Dinosaur Rap, which [my son] has almost completely memorized. He is obsessed with dinosaurs, thanks to Rock 'N Learn. We love the imaginative coloring – why not, since no one knows their real colors?" – Jean D., parent

  • Dr. Toy Best Vacation Products