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Children sing along with catchy tunes for each letter, play musical games, and learn old and new alphabet songs as they reinforce letter recognition skills, learn letter-sound relationships, and develop a richer vocabulary. As a special bonus… on the alphabet DVD version, children learn to print each capital and lowercase letter, as well as numbers 0 through 9. Plus, the recently revised DVD now features exciting animation.

Ages 3–5.

DVD version: Approx. 42 minutes.

Audio CD & Book version: Approx. 35 minutes.




CD & Book



Board Book



Digital versions available

  • Reciting the ABCs is just the beginning of alphabet mastery. There's so much more to learn, and Alphabet Al leads the way!

    • Colorful, animated action captivates kids.
    • Catchy songs involve learners in preschool alphabet activities.
    • These songs and activities strengthen letter recognition.
    • Helps promote letter/word associations.
    • A great tool for enriching a child's vocabulary.
    • Bonus on DVD version: Practice printing letters and numbers.
    • Audio CD version includes colorful book with picture page markers so that children can follow along.
  • Alphabet DVD or CD & book includes the following:

    • Alphabet Al's Alphabet Song
    • Letter A Song
    • Letter B Song
    • Letter C Song
    • Letter D Song
    • Letter E Song
    • Letter F Song
    • Letter G Song
    • Letter H Song
    • Letter I Song
    • Letter J Song
    • Letter K Song
    • Letter L Song
    • Letter M Song
    • Letter N Song
    • Letter O Song
    • Letter P Song
    • Letter Q Song
    • Letter R Song
    • Letter S Song
    • Letter T Song
    • Letter U Song
    • Letter V Song
    • Letter W Song
    • Letter X Song
    • Letter Y Song
    • Letter Z Song
    • Al's Alphabet
    • Funny-Looking Letters Game
    • The Name Game
    • Traditional Alphabet Song

    Bonus on DVD version: Learn How to Print Letters and Numbers

  • Review 1 of 11

    "I would just like to thank Rock-N-Learn for helping our twin boys who have been diagnosis with Autism learn their ABC's, Numbers and Colors! I think your videos are amazing and even more amazed how my Autism boys memorized the words that you put on the screen to get them to learn their sounds and colors! By showing the words on the screen both boys learned how to spell almost ALL of the words! The biggest example I can give you is "x makes zz sounds as in xylophone"!!! Hearing my 6 year old twins who speak only single words spell the word "xylophone" brought my husband and I to tears!!!" - Katina Towne

    Review 2 of 11

    "I wanted to contact you to let you know that my 2-year old son can recognize all of his capital and lower case alphabet letters thanks to the Alphabet DVD. He can also write a large majority of his letters. All of this interest was spurred by your wonderfully fun Alphabet video. By the way, he knew all of his shapes and colors by age two thanks to your Colors, Shapes & Counting. He can recognize trapezoids anywhere we go!"

    Review 3 of 11

    "Rock N Learn Phonics and the other titles by Rock N Learn are very good tools to help your child learn to read. My son started watching Rock 'N Learn Alphabet before he was a year old. He actually knew the alphabet and was writing them when he was 2 years old. Now, at the age of 3 he is reading. I give 80% of the credit to these videos by Rock N Learn. He loves them and will watch them all day if I allow him to. When he was 2 years old he would watch one tape 5 or more times in a row."

    Review 4 of 11

    "In this fun 30-minute video, Alphabet Al sings a catchy alliterative pop song for each letter of the alphabet. Good for teaching auditory discrimination and sound/symbol correspondence. A final mesmerizing segment teaches proper scripting of the capital and lower-case letters. Perfect for ages 2 to 5. My twins loved this video. They'd beg, 'Wanna see the ABCD guy!'" Rating = 4 stars, reviewed by Lynn Gordon, The Annual Newsletter of the International Reading Association's Phonics special Interest Group

    Review 5 of 11

    "The hand-clappin' tunes of the Rock 'N Learn Alphabet CD bring excitement to letter recognition.  Designed for children ages 2-5, even first graders get into these beats that reinforce basic phonics along with a brightly illustrated companion book." – The Boston Parents' Paper

    Review 6 of 11

    "Catchy songs and musical games complete with sound effects involve young listeners in a vocabulary-building alphabet lesson which includes an easy follow-along book to help kids learn independently. A fun and different approach to learning, this joins other Rock 'N Learn CDs covering math, foreign languages, and other basics." – Children's Bookwatch

    Review 7 of 11

    "When your child is enthusiastic about learning their ABC's you know about it. They are the one's who are always recognizing letters everywhere they go. They are excited about the prospect of reading and spelling. This video will get kids pumped up about A-B-C and the other 23 letters that can start them on the way to reading. Using music, animation and easily recognizable images to go with each letter, the children enjoyed singing along and identifying each of the letters as they were introduced." – The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

    Review 8 of 11

    "My nephew loves Alphabet Al! He watches the video over and over and will imitate Al by putting a blue bowl on his head for his top hat and a pen in his hand for Al's wand. He now knows his alphabet (and it is not memorization only.) He can pick out any letter that you show him. He also sounds out the first letters of his words. I want to thank you for making such an entertaining and educational video for children." – Pat

    Review 9 of 11

    "Last Christmas I purchased a copy of your Alphabet video for my grandson. He loves it and is saying his ABC's and words that start with each letter. He is also tracing his letters and numbers which is a great start for a two-year old." – Shirley Heath

    Review 10 of 11

    "I am an ELD teacher in Avondale, AZ. I first bought the ABC dvd for my home. My kids loved it so much that I continued to purchase other DVDs. I really appreciate how you allow schools to use them, and I continuously help students learn with them. I wish the Grammar one I just purchased was in DVD, however, I'm sure it will help as well. In my opinion, this is the new "School House Rock" I grew up listening to." – Charles Ciarametaro

    Review 11 of 11

    "My 21 month old daughter LOVES the Rock and Learn series. Every morning when she gets up, she asks for Al. She knows her entire alphabet, as well as her numbers. She can also identify upper and lower case and tell you which one the letter is. This is amazing to me! I recommend these DVDs to everyone I know with small children. The tunes are catchy and simple."

    "As an aside, my daughter's favourite part of the Alphabet DVD has recently become the part at the end where they teach you how to write the letters. She has started trying to write some on her own, and can now write upper case A and B." - Hannah

  • Mom’s Choice Awards, Gold Recognition

    Creative Child Magazine 2013 Preferred Choice Award

    Parents' Choice Approved

    The National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Gold Award

    The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval

    Parents Television Council Seal of Approval

    Santa's Choice Award

    Tillywig Brain Child Award

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Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.


Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.


Print many upper- and lowercase letters.

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