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Kids love this engaging way of learning basic addition and subtraction facts by performing along with D.J. Doc Roc! Positive lyrics and entertaining rap music make this rhythmic approach irresistible for mastering math facts: sums up to 18 and differences from 18. The DVD features fun, animated characters and visual cues.

Ages 6 & up. Approx. 55 minutes




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  • With Addition & Subtraction Rap DVD learners of all ages, even older students in remedial classes, will love the non-juvenile sound and colorful animation. Positive lyrics encourage and motivate learners while holding their attention. Several songs feature delayed answers, allowing students to check their progress. Perfect for learning addition or subtraction facts at home or in the classroom.

    Addition & Subtraction Rap DVD provides colorful visual imagery and animated characters making it ideal for students who are primarily visual learners or who learn best by a multi-sensory approach. You will never know what excitement awaits… perhaps an encounter with the Lean, Mean Addin' Machine or you may stumble upon the Great Big Blender. It's outrageous fun that gets students of all ages up to speed so that they can accurately perform addition and subtraction facts while having a great time.

    The audio CD and book version also now includes new songs with mixed addition and subtraction facts. An illustrated book with activity pages including our very popular math mazes. Teachers and parents have permission to photocopy the pages for instructional use.

  • Rock 'N Learn Addition & Subtraction Rap includes:

    • Rap A While (adding 0 and 1)
    • Sum Fun (addition facts with sums to 5, in order and mixed)
    • Get Bigger (addition - sums to 10, in order)
    • Great Big Blender (addition - sums to 10, in order & mixed)
    • Take It Away (subtracting 0 and 1)
    • Rap Subtracting (subtracting from up to 5, in order and mixed)
    • Lighten Up (subtracting from numbers up to 10)
    • Subtraction Action (subtracting from numbers up to 10, mixed)
    • Plus Minus Rap (mixed +/- up to and from 10)
    • Push It on Up (addition facts with sums to 18, in order)
    • Lean, Mean Adding Machine (mixed addition facts)
    • Rap Star (more mixed addition facts)
    • What's the Difference? (subtracting from 11 to 18, in order)
    • Rerun Rap (mixed subtraction facts)
    • Minus Drain (more mixed subtraction facts)
    • All Together Now (mixed +/- facts up to and from 18)
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    "Right now, my students are learning/reviewing addition facts and taking timed assessments. By the end of the year, we will go through all of the subtraction and half of the multiplication facts. So, finding a way to make our daily addition fact practice more interesting is welcomed. I found I really liked that each chapter on the disc had its own mini-lesson. It took on chunks of facts rather than all of them at once. This is nice because I have been able to show certain clips as they are appropriate. The clips are short. Each being only a few minutes, it does not consume a great deal of time in the day. So, showing it as a review is not a big deal. I don't have to set aside special time to "show a video." I just cue up the part I want to show that day and in a few minutes (less than 5 minutes) the kids have had a review of our current facts. I have used this as a supplement to our normal facts lessons.

    The "rap" is fun for the kids. Each rap has a theme, such as the "Adding Machine." They are clear, there isn't a question as to what the rapper said. It had a simple beat that the students were able to keep with the rapper. Plus, it was interactive. In the review sections, there is a wait time. The rapper asks, "4 plus 5 is..." And, there is a pause, or wait time, to give the students a chance to respond before the answer is given. Meaning, immediate feedback! I have been using this for about a week and a half in class. With the last assessment (the first full week of using it) I saw noticeable gains in the students' speed and accuracy. Plus, the students ask me regularly if we can watch some of it because they too really enjoy it. Overall, I would recommend Rock 'N Learn's Addition and Subtraction Rap for any parent or teacher to help your children with addition and subtraction math facts." - Classroom Tools Review Blog

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    "I have to tell you that my class has so much fun watching this DVD. They really enjoy D.J. Doc Roc. He has them laughing and rapping along. They love trying to say the answers before he does. This makes a fun learning game that helps insure that they learn their addition and subtraction facts. Rock 'N Learn has done a fine job with this DVD." - Randi C.

    Review 3 of 3

    "I like Addition & Subtraction Rap DVD. Because D.J. Doc Roc is cool and helps me learn. Your friend, Chris, age 7."

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Represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings1, sounds (e.g., claps), acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations. --– (Video version only)


Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies.2 By end of Grade 2, know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers.

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