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High profit elementary
school fundraiser

DVD Covers

Earn high profits

  • Generates 40% profit
  • No money up front
  • No minimums
  • Free shipping available with low minimum
  • Free promotional materials

Boost student achievement

  • Parents purchase award-winning music and videos that make
    learning easy and fun
  • Increases learning retention and test scores
  • Builds strong reading and math skills, setting a foundation
    for life-long success

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DVD Covers

By selling Rock 'N Learn programs, you earn money for your school with a fundraising product that has educational benefits–not high calories! 40% of the total sales go to help your school. Our DVDs are priced at $19.99 and CD & book sets sell for $12.99.

This fundraiser offers products for children ages 2 through 12. Subjects include preschool, reading, writing, Spanish, math, science, test prep, and more! Our programs help students learn and get better grades while having fun.

Traditional Fundraiser Video

Here's how our traditional fundraiser works!

Rock 'N Learn provides free promotional materials including product brochures, order forms, envelopes, and a collector bookmark for each participating student. Participants collect orders and payments during your fundraising period. At the close of the fundraiser, your organization tallies product and money totals. One bulk product order and one bulk prize order are submitted to Rock 'N Learn along with payment. Rock 'N Learn will ship the product to your organization for sorting and distribution to individual students. Once distributed, your students and customers will enjoy our award-winning educational programs known for boosting grades and enriching minds. The school will benefit from increased funds and our superb educational programs.

You receive at no charge:

  • Entertaining Fundraiser Kickoff video that motivates students to sell
  • Promotional Sales Brochures
  • Fun, collectable bookmarks free to participating students
  • Order forms and envelopes
  • Free prize program
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